• Crabcake Dip Mix


    Every bite tastes just like an individual crab cake with flavor way beyond the usual bay seasoning.  Bake it, heat in a crock pot, or serve it cold.  This crab dip is perfect for any gathering!  Delicious served as cold crab dip with chips (pictured) made with mayo & sour cream.  Even better made with cream cheese and mayo used as crab spread on crackers, or dressed up in a boule (pictured).   Either way, your 4th of July party guests will just love it.


    Jazz Up Deviled Eggs:  Reinvent this July 4th classic.  Use mix to season yolk & mayo filling for deviled eggs, or prepared Crabcake dip without the yolks as a really unique filling for the eggs (pictured).  

    Stuffed in Mushrooms:  It makes dreamy baked crab stuffed mushrooms (pictured) and delightful cold crab stuffed mushroom appetizers (pictured) for any party. 

    Hot Dip:  Scrumptious as hot crab dip pictured.  Scoop the hot crab dip up with baguette slices or spread it on crackers – mouth watering either way.   See RECIPES for baked dip directions.

    Any way you fix it, it's a crowd pleaser!

    Makes about 2 cups before crab is added.

    No gluten.  No sugar or artificial colors added.

    Ingredients:  Bay seasoning, Worcestershire powder, chives, minced garlic, spices.

    Allergen Info:  Sulfites.  Some ingredients packaged on equipment that also packages peanuts and tree nuts.