• Mayan Chocolate Mousse Mix


    Our Mayan Chocolate Mousse Mix was inspired by the drinking chocolate of the ancient Mayans.  Dark chocolate with traditional Mexican flavors, finished with a hint of cayenne that lingers at the end. Absolutely delicious!

    Our Mayan Chocolate Mousse Mix begins with the darkest chocolate there is, black cocoa.  In the traditional Mexican method, we add vanilla and cinnamon and, finally, cayenne to complete the ingredients for Mayan drinking chocolate.  But this is, after all, a dessert, so unlike the Mayans, we add enough sugar to make this dark chocolate mousse as sweet as a good dark chocolate candy that melts slowly in your mouth. 

    We love flavor fusions and adding twists to familiar foods.  Here we look to the ancients of Sicily and Mayan Central America for a new food fusion:  Mayan Chocolate Mousse Cannoli (pictured).  While the exact times that cannoli and chocolate came into use are not clear, both seem to have been in use in some form from 300 BC or earlier.  The cannoli made popular in this country by immigrants from Italy are more recent, dating only to 650-800 AD.  Although cocoa was used with chilis for unsweetened beverages by the Mayans for centuries, it wasn't until the 1500s that sweetener was added by the Spanish, and another 200 years before it became affordable beyond the most wealthy.  This combination is truly a fusion of heritage foods and flavors.  These cannoli are lush and delicious.  While they may be eaten with a fork or spoon at more formal gatherings, they have always been essentially a finger food.  Either way, they're delicious and a great way to show off your culinary imagination with a dish that is so easy a rank amateur can be successful.  TIP:  See the READY MADE page for where to purchase ready-to-use cream puff or cannoli shells and crepés.


    Elegant or Casual:  Serve it in martini glases, champagne flutes or tidbit dishes (pictured) topped with whipped cream.  It's perfect as the finish for any meal, whether it's a reward for getting through a hard day, a party dessert, or something a bit more intimate with a small glass of chocolate liquor.  And don't forget to try it with one of the new chocolate wines (pictured).

    Topping:  Delicious and completely unique as a topping for Waffle Bites with Mayan Chocolate Mousse Topping (pictured) – great for brunch or as a finish for casual parties.

    Drinking Chocolate:  This makes an amazing “drinking chocolate”.  Perfect to serve when watching a movie or to finish romantic dinner.  See RECIPES for directions.

    Note:  Make with reduced fat cream cheese and Lite Cool Whip® for light and fluffy mousse texture

    Makes about 1-1/2 quarts.  Serves 6-8, or will fill graham cracker crust for "freezer pie/no-bake cheesecake." 

    Ingredients:  Black cocoa, coco rouge, sugar, vanilla powder, cinnamon, cayenne pepper.

    Allergen Info:  Some ingredients packaged on equipment that also packages eggs, milk, soy, wheat, peanuts and tree nuts.