• Texas Wildfire Poppy Seed Dip Mix


    Our Texas Wildfire Poppy Seed Dip Mix is sweet like traditional poppy seed dressing, but with enough chipotle to wake up your taste buds.  Make it with mayo and sour cream.  It’s delicious with fresh veggies (pictured) and chips (pictured).  Or serve it with both for your parties, but have plenty of both; the guys will gobble it up with chips, and the ladies will keep coming back for the veggies.


    On French Fries:   In Belgium, fries are served with mayo (plain or spiced) rather than ketchup.  In that tradition, we’ve paired sweet potato fries with Texas Wildfire Poppy Seed for dipping (pictured).  It’s truly a match made in heaven, especially with a frosty beer.

    Coleslaw Dressing:  Texas Wildfire Poppy Seed Coleslaw will really wake up mouths at your next BBQ or picnic. Takes coleslaw to great places previously unimagined.

    Popcorn Seasoning:  Texas Wildfire Poppy Seed Popcorn (pictured) is popcorn like you’ve never had it before.  The sweet/hot combination is just amazing.  It’s perfect for snacking in front of the TV or at parties.

    Rub It In:  Mouthwatering as a rub for Texas Wildfire Poppy Seed Baked Chicken or Texas Wildfire Poppy Seed Roasted Pork.

    Good with a slightly sweet wine, especially with veggies.  With chips and most other ways it’s served, it’s complimented best by beer or ales.

    Makes about 2 cups.

    No gluten.  No salt, preservatives or artificial colors added.

    Ingredients:  Brown sugar, vinegar powder, granulated onion, granulated garlic, poppy seeds, ground chipotle pepper.

    Allergen Info:  Some ingredients packaged on equipment that also packages peanuts and tree nuts.