Inspired Flavors

Delicious, globally inspired mixes. Not the usual flavors.

We take the time to research new flavors and combinations so you don’t have to. For over 15 years we’ve been helping our customers save time with quick, easy, mixes for soups, desserts, dips, salsas, salad dressings and more, all with innovative flavors.  This makes for easy entertaining and off the wall family meals (even if you don’t know how to cook, or you just don’t have enough time).  We offer lots of serving ideas and pictures to inspire you too.

Our products are hand mixed from original recipes, in small batches for freshness.  We’ve always had flavors from Mexico, Italy, the Caribbean and the Pacific Rim.  We’re now expanding to include India, Morocco, South America and more.  We love authentic, but we also enjoy using those flavors in new ways, and creating new flavor and use fusions.  While all our mixes basically fall into the dip, salsa, soup, and dessert (mousse) categories, they are actually quite versatile.


Here are just some of the innovative flavors and uses you’ll find among the serving ideas in the product pages, our Easy Entertaining and Recipes pages:


Bloody Mary Meatballs
(new use for Bloody Mary flavors, new flavor for meatball glaze)

 Madras Mediterranean Pasta Salad
(a fusion of an Italian dish with flavors from India:   Mediterranean pasta salad with typical vinaigrette dressing replaced with an India flavored vinaigrette)

Wasabi Lemon Hummus
(Pacific Rim flavor profile for a newly familiar African dish)

Caramel Pecan Bread Pudding with yams and pecans
(totally Southern, but new flavor for a heritage dish).

See PRODUCT CATEGORIES to learn more about why we say, “Delicious, globally inspired mixes.  Not the usual flavors.”  We hope the serving ideas and pictures will inspire you too.


Easy Entertaining - Spicy Ketchup Glazed Meatballs with Fall Ale

Easy Entertaining

Quick, innovative recipes that make entertaining easy.  Choose from guy favorites like glazed meatballs, or ladies' favorites like artichoke tapenade.  Recipes have only a few steps, & there are lots of pictures to further inspire you.

Recipe - Artichoke Spinach Baked Stuffed Mushrooms with white wine Fall


Find recipes that make you the star of your next party.  These recipes introduce delicious flavor fusions & new ways to use familiar products.  With our mixes, recipes & pictures, even beginners can be successful.

Hand painted stemless wine glass from Artee Vita

Where To Find It

Places to find cool things to dress up your serving table & make entertaining more fun.  This section includes appetizer picks, spreaders, serving dishes, dinnerware, glasses, decorations and décor, plus ready-made ingredients that can save you time.

Lighthouse Creations Halloween appetizers, wine and pumpkin ale

Halloween Party Food

Halloween Day Party Food
Lighthouse Creations Thanksgiving appetizer Sweet & Spicy Pumpkin & Ham Soup with pumpkin ale

New Thanksgiving Traditions

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Lighthouse Creations booth - ready to sample.

Our booth - ready to sample.

People tasting Lighthouse Creations dips, salsas and desserts.

People tasting our dips, salsas and desserts.

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An outdoor festival viewed from our booth.