Dip Mixes

Dips and cheese balls are an important and popular part of any party.  Anyone can make Lipton’s Onion Dip, and it’s still a favorite, but for those who yearn to share new appetizer flavors with their guests, we offer 24 globally inspired flavors.  Dips and cheese balls are just the start of how they can be used.

We love dips in all their forms.  We love trying new flavors, and thankfully today more than ever, new flavors abound via cooking shows, food magazines, a wide variety of restaurant cuisines and a population that has traveled enough to appreciate bold, new flavors.  As you look at our list of dip mixes, we’ll take you through all the regions of our country and beyond, to flavors from Japan, Jamaica, Mexico, India, Italy and Africa.   We don’t have a veggie dip, and we wouldn’t even consider trying to compete with Lipton’s onion dip.  What we offer are exciting flavors you won’t find elsewhere, or familiar flavors with a new twist, and lots of innovative ways to use the prepared dips. 

Each mix can be prepared as a dip, spread or cheese ball using mayonnaise and sour cream or mayonnaise and cream cheese.  It takes only minutes.  Chill for an hour and they will taste really good.  Chilling overnight will let the flavors fully set, and they’ll taste great.  We use reduced fat dairy when we sample these mixes, and they’re still full flavored.  We’ve provided suggestions for preparing and serving each mix, and lots of pictures.  However, we encourage you to take these mixes and make them your own.  If you find you like the flavor, but it’s a little too spicy, just use less mix, or add more of the base.  Personalize the base too; if you prefer the tangy flavor of Greek yogurt, or all sour cream, make it that way. 

Labels have several recipes.  See the RECIPES and EASY ENTERTAINING pages for more suggestions, directions and pictures.  You’ll find our mixes to be quite versatile, with uses way beyond dips.  We hope you’ll find at least a few that become your new favorites.

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