Salad Dressing Mixes

Buffets provide an easy way to feed a lot of people.  They allow for a menu that goes beyond appetizers and includes sandwiches, salads and more.  Chicken salad sandwiches are popular, as are potato and macaroni salads, and pasta salads. The globally inspired flavors of our salad dressings really elevate those favorites.

We now have eleven mixes that can be used to make dressings.  Some were originally developed to be dressings.  In other cases, we discovered that our dip mixes could do brilliant double duty as dressing mixes.  Some are mayonnaise based, others are based on oil and vinegar.  One is actually a mousse mix that is wonderful in the sour cream dressing for ambrosia.

Some of our dressing flavors are familiar, some are exotic, and they have been inspired by cuisines from here and around the world.  Some are spicy and some are sweet.  We like all kinds of salads, lettuce, fruit, pasta, vegetable and protein based.  Most of our dressings work for more than one type of salad, including sandwich fillings.  Although some are made with ingredients that include salt, we haven’t added any salt.  We sample the mayonnaise based dressings using reduced fat mayonnaise, and they are still full flavored.  We provide several recipes on the package labels, but recipes for dressing made from dip mixes are found primarily on the individual product pages here, with details on the RECIPES page.

As with all our products, we urge you to use these mixes to make your own recipes.  If we have only included mayonnaise as the base, but you want to make the dressing pourable, reduce the amount of mayonnaise and add milk or buttermilk (a little at a time until you get the consistency you want.)  The directions don’t specify what kind of mayonnaise to use, so use whatever you normally use.  For the vinaigrettes, we provide the oil we prefer for each mix, but feel free to use the oil you think works best, and change the balance of oil to vinegar to suit your pallet.

Whether you are looking for new dishes to serve at parties, or eat lots of salads, we hope you’ll browse through the product pages and find what turns out to be your new favorite dressing.

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