Spicy Ketchup Mixes

Glazed meatballs and shrimp cocktail appetizers are party staples.  Now with our spicy ketchups used for the glaze and cocktail sauce, you can make your parties stand out with vibrant new flavors from around the world for these favorite appetizers.

We have recently seen a growing trend toward bolder flavors among adults, a preference that develops for most people as we mature.  Most of us have been dipping fries in ketchup since we were little kids, and there haven't been many changes in the taste of ketchup.  Until now.  We have discovered that many of our mixes work as well as seasoning for ketchup as they do traditional mayonnaise based dips.  The ones that work best are spicy, so we've dubbed our version Ketchup for Adults.  Turns out a few of the salsa mixes are just as good for ketchup too.  Together they add a whole new taste dimension to ketchup.

They’re good used any way that ketchup would ordinarily be used, way beyond fries and hamburgers.  Think new flavors of cocktail sauce, glazed meatballs, meatloaf.  Chicken tenders are no longer just for kids.  And those frozen snacks like popcorn shrimp, chicken fries or corn dogs that you keep in case people drop by unexpectedly, go from ordinary to amazing with these spiced ketchups for dipping.  And don’t forget home fries, with eggs for breakfast or steak for dinner.

Slather any of these spicy ketchups on chicken or ribs in place of barbeque sauce for incredible flavors you just can’t find anywhere else.

We hope you enjoy trying our spicy ketchups on new things as much as we do.

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