Get Help From Penny

Have a birthday party, office party, game day party or dinner party coming up, or just having a group of friends or family over and feel like you need new ideas for what to serve?  Provide a little basic information, and I’ll be happy to help.  You can call or send an email, whichever works best for you.

Information needed:

Party occasion:
Number of guests
Types of food:  Appetizers, Main dish, Side dish, Dessert (include all that apply)
Food Restrictions (list):  vegetarian, no dairy, allergens (include all that apply)
Flavor profile preferred:  Spicy/not spicy/mixed, ethnic (which?)

I’m happy to provide as little or much help as you need.  Please use the space below to email me at, or call me at 540 659-1834.

Here’s to easy preparation, delicious food, and happy guests,