Party Planning Help

The Ask Penny section is devoted to providing information and ways to make planning your next party or family gathering take less time and go more smoothly.  We start with a checklist of things you’ll need - you can print this out to help you with shopping and when you’re actually preparing for the party. 
Then we add a page that will help you plan how much to serve per person for various party foods.  These are meant to be starting point references that you can tailor based on knowledge of your guests (more guys in the mix means more meat, more ladies means more vegetables).
Next is an invitation to actually Ask Penny (that’s me) if you would like a little extra help.  Whether it’s specific food ideas, how to build a menu, ways to update something familiar, or where to find something, I’m happy to help.  This page includes a built in email contact form, along with a request for basic information about the planned event.  It’s a great starting point for planning any party.  You’re also invited to call if you would like.

It’s time to have fun and start planning your next party.

Party Essentials Checklists

 How Much To Serve

 Get Help From Penny


Stay tuned here.  As we find more topics that are helpful, we’ll add them.