Decorating with Lights Christmas 2019

The WHERE TO FIND IT - DECORATING WITH LIGHTS page provides ideas on how to use lighting to create ambience, set a mood, or just brighten up a dark corner for your party.  This lighting includes wax and battery operated taper, pillar and floating candles, submersible lights, string lights and more.  Prices, where they are provided, are subject to change without notice.  Items shown may not be available online or in all stores.

It’s Christmas.
Create your own amazing new party lighting.

 Pier 1

The LED string lights above are all battery operated, although none include the batteries.  Typically each string requires 2-3 AA or AAA batteries.  All these strings are continuous operation, no flickering.  They are 10’ to 11’ and have 15 to 3 LED lights.  The holly lights, pine needle tassel lights and gold garland tinsel lights have timers (automatically shut off after 6 hours).  Find these and more holiday LED string lights in Pier 1 stores and online at P1LIGHTS.

Christmas Tree Shops and & That Stores

Christmas Tree Shops and & That stores have a good selection holidiay lighting options, and at prices that are generally considerably lower than most others.  And the quality is comparable or superior.  What you’ll see here is a snapshot of what they sell in the stores.  They no longer sell online.  Rather, they are using the website to provide product previews, trends, and ideas.  They have stores in 20 states, and are still growing, so hopefully there’s one near you, or will be soon.  We like them so much we’re keeping them in our Where To Find It sections as long as we can obtain enough information to be useful here.

The frosted snowflakes bottle on the top left and the poinsettia bottle on the right are 11” tall.  Each requires 3 AAA batteries that are not included.  The evergreen branch LED  glass tree is 12” tall, and it’s batteries are included.  The LED pillars in the bottom row are made of wax, and are 3” diameter and 6” tall.  They each require 3 AAA batteries, not included.


The LED string lights above are 40” with 20 LEDs each.  From left to right, they are gingerbread men, snow flakes and candy canes.  They each require 2 AA batteries, not included.

Find these and many more Christmas and holiday lighting items in Christmastree Shops and & That! Stores, or look online at CTS LIGHTS to see more.


This is the store for Karen Sabatello’s Arte & Vita (Art & Life) business.  Karen is a self taught artist who has been enthralled by decorative painting since childhood.  She says that giving something old new life gives them even more character.  She’s been painting for over 25 years, focusing on topics that reflect her interests and passions.  Her hand painted lighted décor candle holders and wine bottles are among the most beautiful we have seen.  She is also happy to personalize her art.

The top row features snowmen on a lighted cube and bubble ball.  The cube is 4” tall and the ball is 8” tall.  The lighted wine bottles in the bottom row are 1.5 liters.  The vase is 4” wide and 8” tall.  A small hole is drilled in the back of the bottle where a set of lights are threaded through so no wires show. The holly bottle is then hand painted.  The vase and snowman bottle are then frosted and hand painted.  These items are usually ready to ship in 3-5 business days from Karen’s studio in New Jersey.. Find these and more beautiful seasonal décor items at ARTEEVITA.

100 Candles

100 Candles sells only online.  This enables them to have a huge inventory covering most every type of candle imaginable.  They are located in Bell Gardens, CA (Los Angeles area).  If you want to know just how much they love the candle business, take a look at their Facebook page or the Gallery on their own site.

Floating Santa candles are in the top row.  The Santa on the left is waving his right hand, and the one on the right is waving his left hand.  There is also a facing forward, hands down version.  Santa tea light holders are in the bottom row.  Santa with snowman is on the left and Santa with toys is on the right.  They’re 6.5” tall, 5.5” wide and 3.75” deep and are made out of glass and tin.

Find these floating candles, tea light holders and more holiday candles at 100C SANTA.

On the left above is a white LED floating candle; they have both flickering and non-flickering.  These candles are also available in several colors.   The center and right pictures are of submersible LED candles.  The middle candle comes in three versions:  5 LEDS (shown above), 3 LEDs and 1 LED.  They all are sold in 9-10 colors plus UV.  On the far right is their Diamond LED candle.  This one comes in 11 colors.  They also have submersible string lights.  For these candles and more, see100C FLOAT and 100C SUB.

100 Candles Gallery includes beautiful pictures of some of the many ways their candles can be used.  We’re including a few below because not only is some of the technology pretty new, the combinations will truly spur your imagination.

The top row features floating candles.  They used clear “gems” as bases for the holders on the left.  On the right they used floating gold “pearls” to showcase the candles for an elegant look.  Fresh cranberries work the same way and make the display more festive.  In the second row above, the green pillar candles are  simply wound with gold beads.  The display on the right is a good deal more complex.  They started with submersible LED lights in the bottom of the vases (using stick wax to hold the lights in place), then covered the lights with acrylic “gems”.  They strung mini LED string fairy lights through fake flowers, then put the flowers in the vase and added water.  They then placed floating candles on the top.  So it’s complex, but not difficult.

In the top row, a Candelabra Centerpiece with Red LED lights is on the left.  All the lights used were submersible .  Some were placed in votive/tea light holders in the candelabra.  The rest were scattered around the candelabra.  On the right, large wax luminaries with red and green LED lights are floating in a Christmas Pool.  No pool, fill your bathroom tub about 1/3 of the way and float the candles there.  Your guests will love the look, and the glow in the room.  The bottom row also features wax luminaries illuminated by battery operated LED candles.  On the left is an example of a fireplace decoration.  The luminaries on the right demonstrate how you can use different shapes and create two tone luminaries.  These would look lovely however you mixed them (or didn’t) to light a stairway, the path to your front door, or just a dark corner.  Spend a few minutes with their GALLERY, it’s well worth it.

Crafted Candles

Located in the St. Louis metropolitan area, Crafted Candles has a huge assortment of candles, from regular tapers to sophisticated pillars and floating candles, with a full selection of sizes and colors.  They have an amazing variety of seasonal and holiday candles in various formats too.  Candle holders not included.

The 3” ornament ball candle on the left burns about 25 hours.  They are sold individually wrapped.  In the center are metallic red .5” ball candles in a stag candleholder.  The candles are sold in boxes of 12.  The gold metallic ornament ball candles are 2-3/8” and sold in a 3 pack gift box.  Also available in green hollyberry.



The 12” candy stripe straight sided candles on the top left burn about 24 hours (each).  The Christmas tree taper candle in the center is 11” and burns about 4 hours.  The Ruffles spiral candles on the right are made of pure beeswax and are 12” tall. They are available in 3 colors:  ivory, holiday red and holiday red & forest green (shown here).  They burn about 8 hours.  Both of the twist candle groups in the lower row are hand made of beeswax and 12” tall.  Those on the left are adorned with holly, available in 3 color combinations and are sold individually.  The double spiral candles on the right are also 12” and available in 6 colors.  They are sold in gift boxed pairs.  All the spiral candles burn about 8 hours.

Kapula candles are featured above.  They are designed to glow from the inside when burning.  They are hand poured and hand painted with an array of Christmas colors and designs.  What makes these candles so special is that each candle is unique.  Pillar candles are on the left and are available in   4”x 3”, 6” x 3” and 8” x 3”.  They are sold individually.  Votive candles, sold in boxes of 6, are in the center.  Straight sided candles are on the right.  They are 9” tall and sold by the pair.



The candles in the two rows above are floating candles.  The holly candle comes in two sizes 4” and 2”.  The larger size burns 6-7 hours and the smaller burns about 3-4 hours.  The metallic silver and gold candles are 3” diameter and burn about either hours.  They’re also available in 1.5” diameter.  The mistletoe candle is 3.5” and burns about seven hours.  The Santa candle is 3.5” x 2.5” and burns about 5 hours.  The poinsettia candle is 3” diameter and burns about 6-7 hours.  The holly candle is 5” diameter and burns about 7-8 hours.

Candles, including floating candles, are a great way to establish a mood for your party.  Or they can just be used to reinforce the holiday theme.  For multiple floating candles, you need a bowl large enough to allow them to move around a bit.  However, martini glasses make a great showcase for individual floating candles.  Crafted Candles provides good tips on how to use candles safely and maximizing the use of their candles.  For these or more seasonal candles, see Crafted Candles’ website at CCANDLES.



The flameless floating candles, submersible lights and glimmer string lights are fairly new, and most sellers are focusing photography on the lights themselves.  See Lighthouse Creations DECORATING WITH LIGHTS board on Pinterest® for some examples of how string lights, the various new kinds of candles and traditional candles (separately and together) can be used for Christmas, and more.