Decorating with Lights Halloween 2019

The WHERE TO FIND IT - DECORATING WITH LIGHTS page provides ideas on how to use lighting to create ambience, set a mood, or just brighten up a dark corner for your Halloween party.  This lighting includes wax and battery operated taper, pillar and floating candles, submersible lights, string lights and more.  Prices, where they are provided, are subject to change without notice.  Items shown may not be available online or in all stores.

It’s Halloween.  Light up the night.


This is the store for Karen Sabatello’s Arte & Vita (Art & Life) business.  Karen is a self taught artist who has been enthralled by decorative painting since childhood.  She says that giving something old new life gives them even more character.  She’s been painting for over 25 years, focusing on topics that reflect her interests and passions.  Her hand painted wine glasses and wine bottles are among the most beautiful we have seen.  She is also happy to personalize her art.

These gorgeous hand painted wine bottles come with string lights in the bottles, which are all 1.5 Ltr.  The ghosts and cat bottles in the top row are lit.  The witch and tree in the bottom row can be, but are pictured un-lit to show their beauty even without the lights.  Wine bottles can be customized, and are typically ready to ship in 3-5 business days from New Jersey.  Find this exquisite Halloween décor online at AV HDECOR.


Crafted Candles

Located in the St. Louis metropolitan area, Crafted Candles has a huge assortment of candles, from regular tapers to sophisticated pillars and floating candles, with a full selection of sizes and colors.  They have an amazing variety of seasonal and holiday candles in various formats too.  Candle holders not included.

The candles in the row above are all straight sided candles.  Kapula candles are on the left.  They individually and crafted.  They’re decorated with Halloween characters like ghosts and bats.  They are 9” tall and burn about 1” per hour.  The skull and crossbones candles in the center are 12” tall and hand-rolled beeswax.  The skeletons are hand carved and embossed.  They come gift boxed and burn for about 11 hours.  The candles on the left are “bat sided” (the bats are also wax).  These are 10” tall, are sold in a gift box and burn about 7 hours.  None have any fragrance and all three candles are sold only in pairs.

Kapula pillar and votive candles are featured iin the row above.  Kapula candles are not inexpensive, but they are good quality, hand poured and hand painted by artisans in a small community in South Africa.  Inspired by the colors of Africa, each design collection has a color “theme” used in various patterns.  As each candle is unique, delivered candles may appear different from these  photos, but will be consistent with the theme.  There are four more patterns of Halloween pillar candles.  All six are available in 3” x 4”, 3” x 6” and 3” x 8” sizes and are sold individually.  The pillar candles on the left are designed to glow from the inside as they burn.  The votive candles on the right are also in the picture of the taper candles seen above.  They are sold in boxes of 6.

Crafted Candles has Halloween icon character floating candles.  The pumpkin, ghost and black cat candles on the left above are each 3” diameter, burn 3-5 hours and are sold in sets of 3.  These are best displayed individually to avoid crowding in the bowl.  Martini and margarita glasses are generally large enough to display this size floating candle beautifully.  The candy corn candles are each 2.5” long and sold in boxes of 4.

This company has gone out of its way to consider everything anyone could want, or want to avoid, in wax candles.  Besides everything else about the Kapula candles, they are also Fair Trade, which tells you these people want to treat everyone like they’d like to be treated.  You can’t do much better than that.  See these and more Halloween candles online at CC HALLOW.


Pottery Barn

The haunted houses on the left are 8.5”, 10.5” and 11.75” high and made of iron that’s painted black.    You can light them with votive candles, tea lights or glimmer string lights.  Set them up as a group or scatter them around the Halloween party area.  The lit crystal spider web on the right is 26” x 48” and has 48 LEDs.  It’s quite the wall decoration.  Find these and more Halloween lighting ideas in Pottery Barn stores or  online at PB LIGHTS.

Glasses by JoAnne

Glasses by JoAnne is the Etsy store for JoAnne Battista.  Although JoAnne has always been an artist and spent thirty years being an Interior Designer, once she discovered painting on wine glasses, she was hooked.  It combines three of here favorite things:  love of wine, decorating and painting.  She always enjoyed decorating for parties, and there’s a theme party in everything she paints.

 These are 7.5 x 3.25 candle holders.  The one on the left is painted with seasonal flowers.  On the right are the front and back of a spooky house and graveyard.  Both are beautiful even before they are lit.  JoAnne is happy to customize and typically ships in 3-5 business days from her Pennsylvania studio.  For these and her seasonal glasses, see JOANNE HDECOR.


Oriental Trading Company

Oriental Trading Company has an amazing array of party supplies.  They started out using catalogs to sell to teachers, expanded to corporate sales and now sell to everyone online. Batteries, where required. are not included.

The flickering candles on the top left are battery powered (2 AA batteries) and sold as a set.  The mosaic Jack-O-Lantern on the right is 3” x 4” and works with either votive candles or tea lights.  On the bottom left is a set of  light up ghosts.  The tallest is 23” and the shortest is 11”, so they can be used either on the floor or tabletop.  They’re made of foam, and batteries ARE included.  The ceramic candle holder on the right is ceramic and works with either votive candles or tea lights.  It’s 3.5” x 3.5” and is sold by the dozen.  It can be used as is or hand painted.  These are great to scatter around the house, particularly with battery operated lights.  Find these Halloween lighting items online at OTC  HLIGHT.


Pier 1

Pier 1 typically has the most interesting and widest selection of seasonal string lights of major home goods retailers.  The string lights on the top left are bats, and on the right “stitched” pumpkins.  The bat string is 5’ with 10 bat LEDs.  The pumpkin string is 10” with 15 LED pumpkins.  On the bottom left are skeleton string lights and on the right Halloween spiders.  Both strings are 10  feet long and have 12 LED character lights.  All four strings have continuous lighting (no flickering) and are for use indoors or covered outdoors.    The bat string takes 2 AA batteries; the rest take 3 AA batteries (not included).  The ghost and skeleton strings have timers too.  These original string lights will make any Halloween celebration even more fun.  Find these Halloween string lights in Pier 1 stores and online at P1 HLIGHTS.


100 Candles

100 Candles sells only online.  This enables them to have a huge inventory covering most every type of candle imaginable.  They are located in Bell Gardens, CA (Los Angeles area).  If you want to know just how much they love the candle business, take a look at their Facebook page or the Gallery on their own site.

We’re starting in the first row with “regular” candles.  The tombstone candles are2.25 in diameter and 4.3” high.  They burn for about 5 hours.  Besides the skull and bat patterns, there is also a “skull with wings” pattern.  The tea lights in the bottom row are almost too cute to burn.  It includes Frankenstein, the Mummy, Dracula and the Witch.  Each is 2” high x 1.5” and burns for about 3 hours.  The set on the right includes a pumpkin, ghost and Dracula.  These are 1.8” high x 1.5” and burn about 2 hours.

These folks have a huge selection of floating candles.  The top shows the most basic for Halloween, orange 2” and 3” diameter floating wax candles.  This is one of the few places you can purchase this type of candle individually (most sell them by the box of 12 or 24).  Of course you can also buy a box of 12 here, and at a good discount per candle.  The second row features character floating candles, bats on the left and black cats on the right, both sold in sets of 3.  They are also about the same size (2.25” diameter and 1” high) and burn for about 3 hours.

Find these regular and floating Halloween candles online at 100C HCANDLES.

The top row here features battery operated floating candles in Halloween colors.  The two on either end are the standard shape for this type of candle, made to look like tea light candles, about 1.4” diameter and 1” high.  They are available in two types, flicker and non-flicker; there is only $0.10 difference in the price, so you can comfortably choose whichever suits your needs. The round light in the middle is called a blimp.  They are about the same dimensions  and price as the regular floating candles, but  provide a different kind of light.

The lights in the bottom row are also battery operated, but they don’t float.  Instead, they are submersible (they can be used in other ways too).  They are typically used in vases or bowls and provide more light than the floating candles (which can also be used in other manners).  The submersible lights are available with 1 LED light, 3 lights or 5 lights.  The  picture in the bottom row again shows Halloween colors and includes one of each of the  available light number units.  The battery operated floating candles are a bit more expensive than the orange wax floating candles, but they have replaceable batteries and last 40 - 70 hours on each battery.  The submersible batteries with 1 LED  are more expensive than the floating batteries, but they too last 40-70 hours on each battery.  The batteries in both are included, and replaceable, so there’s great value.

The top picture is from the 100 Candles Gallery.  It is an absolutely spectacular presentation that looks like it should be in an upscale department store window.  But it just about couldn’t be easier.  The bottom picture shows the three items that were used to build the stunning display above.  It starts with a wax Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin, lit with a battery operated submersible light and string lights added around the pumpkins for a bit of excitement.  And that is what the Decorating with Lights section is all about, being inspired to do something amazing yourself that dresses up your home, for whatever occasion.

Find the floating LED lights at 100C HFLOAT, and the submersible lights are at 100C HSUB.   String lights are at 100C HSTRING and the luminaries are at 100C HLUM.



The flameless floating candles, submersible lights and glimmer string lights are fairly new, and most sellers are focusing photography on the lights themselves.  See Lighthouse Creations DECORATING WITH LIGHTS board on Pinterest® for some examples of how string lights and the various new kinds of “candles” can be used for Halloween, and more.