Decorations Christmas 2018

The WHERE TO FIND IT - DECORATIONS page provides ideas on where to find interesting and hard to find items that dress up your serving table and make entertaining more fun, whether for elegant or casual occasions.  Prices, where they are provided, are subject to change without notice.  Items shown may not be available online or in all stores.
Contents change with the seasons.

You’re Having a party, time to decorate.


Mud Pie

Mud Pie, based out of Stone Mountain, GA, is a “lifestyle brand that creates gifts to inspire all of life’s sparkling moments.”  The company began life in 1998 as the inspiration of Marcia Miller, with three employees and a one page catalog printed at a local photo store.  Today, Marcia is the CEO of Mud Pie, which now has 160 employees and 750 catalog pages, each with professionally photographed images of the award-winning apparel, gifts and home décor they design and manufacture.  Mud Pie is rightfully famous for the wit and whimsy of their ceramic serveware, They carry that through their entire tableware product line.  While they are a manufacturer and  their products can be found in many retail stores (including Swoozie’s), they also sell their products through their website.

On the left above is Mud Pie’s Elf Door.  It’s just the size for the elves in your home (5.5” x 3”), so put it somewhere that they can easily reach it, and you can clearly see it.  The tin Santa’s sleigh tea light holder in the middle is 4.5” x 18”, and would look fabulous with a bit of greenery in the sleigh and red tea lights on any serving table.  The doormat on the right is original in both it’s shape and welcome message.

Find these decorations and décor items, and many more, online at MP DÉCOR.


Crate & Barrel

Always tasteful, Crate and Barrel offers a good assortment of holiday décor.  On the left above are hand crafted white porcelain candle holders with raised snowflake cutouts.  They come in two sizes, votive/tea light and  hurricane (4.5 x 13”) and are sold separately.  The red jingle bell garland in the center is 72”, perfect for winding around a serving table or intwined with greenery on the mantle.  They’re also available in silver.  The unscented white tree tea light candles on the right are 3.5” tall and are sold in boxed sets of 4.  They are also available in green.

If you’d rather have a clean fireplace than one with a roaring fire, with this brass fireplace candelabra, no one will miss the fire.  And if you would like to do something with your mantle other than the traditional garland, this 72” magnolia garland is perfect.

Find these and other lovely holiday décor items in Crate & Barrel stores or online at CB DÉCOR.

Crate & Barrel has a good variety of holiday linen and napkin rings.  The top row features table runners in various sizes.  The Snowfall runner on the left comes in 14” x 90” and 14” x 120” and thee are also napkins, placemats and tablecloths (60” x 90” and 60” x 120”) in the Snowfall pattern.  The Woodland Trees runner in the middle comes in 14” x 90” and 14” x 120,” and there are also napkins and a flatware pouch, in addition to serving and dinner plates in the pattern.  The Snow Branch runner on the right comes in 14” x 90” and 14” x 120,” and there are also napkins, placemats and tablecloths (60” x 90” and 60” x 120”) in the Snow Branch pattern.

The middle row above starts with napkins that are not part of a table linen collection.  On the left is the Jumble Joy cotton napkin, which can be paired with placemats, an apron and potholders.  The cotton Candy Canes napkin in the center can be paired with Candy Cane drinking glasses  or their Marin Red dinnerware.  On the right are snowflake and Christmas Tree “Shimmer” wine bottle stoppers.  They are sold as a set of two.

The bottom row features two beautiful napkin rings, stylized “Merry” on the left (nickel-plated brass) and Reindeer (hand crafted from aluminum) on the right.  Matching place card holders are also available.

See these items and more that make holiday entertaining more joyous in Crate & Barrel stores or online at CB ENTERTAIN.


Christmas Tree Shops and & That! Stores

Christmas Tree Shops operates over 70 locations, including a few named “& That!”  The stores are mostly in the northeast or southeast, but their website,, makes their offerings available to everyone.  They have a broad selection of home decor and entertaining items, at amazingly low prices.  They’re definitely worth a visit, however you do it.  In their stores, this retailer sells most everything individually.  On line most everything but serveware and décor items is sold in sets.

On the left is a set of winter scene 3” x 6” LED candles.  They are also available in gold and silver.  The metal reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh in the center is 27” long x 7 wide x 12” high and will be right at home as a centerpiece, on your mantle or serving table.  The metal snowman crackled glass bottle on the right is 18.75” tall and is lit by LED string lights.  AAA batteries are needed for the LED candles and snowman, and both would be lovely accents for side tables throughout the party area.

The Winter Wonderland and Jingle All The Way throw pillows easily perk up chairs and sofas.

These stores have an amazingly wide choice of holiday placemats, table runners and table cloths this year.  All are sold in sets of 4, are 13” X 18” and are polyester or a polyester mix.  The snowman and vintage station wagon placemat patterns are also available in 72” x 13” table runners.  The Christmas Tree placemat has a Hunter Plaid border (plaid pattern also available in napkins and several tablecloth sizes.  Poinsettias are the  theme of the lower row above.  The napkins in the middle match the poinsettia/cardinal pattern on the left (also available in 72” x 13” table runner and table cloths in most sizes), but work beautifully with either pattern.  Napkins are 100% polyester and are sold in sets of 8 for $9.98/set.


The top two rows above show a good representation of the types and styles of table runners available.  All are available in 70” x 13”.  The top row includes, from left to right, a Christmas Tree beaded runner in a cotton blend (pattern also available in an oblong throw pillow), a Snowman & Trees quilted runner (cotton face & cotton/poly back (pattern also available in placemats) and a Poincettia runner on the right, available in two sizes (13 x 70  13 x 90).  The 70” version is also available in red.  Tablecloths are available in white and red; white are available in most sizes, and red in the most common sizes.

Included in the second row, from left to right, are Christmas Stockings embellished runner (cotton/poly blend), the cutwork and embroidered Christmas ornaments runner (100% polyester, available in 70” & 90” lengths and table cloth - see right image in row below), and the Faux Silk Bow runner on the right (100% polyester, available in gold, ivory, red and silver).  We’ve seen nothing like the bow design elsewhere, and like it because it’s beautiful and can work with so many different holiday decors.

The bottom row features two of the many tablecloth patterns available.  On the left is a Metallic Holly Damask tablecloth, a polyester blend, available in most sizes.  It’s the holly leaves that have a metallic gold appearance, making this a pattern that can be used with a wide variety of dinnerware patterns.  The metallic blend is also available for red poinsettias and silver snowflakes, both available in most sizes.  On the right is the tablecloth version of the table runner above.  This is typical of way many of the table runner patterns translate into tablecloth patterns.


Above are three depictions of the Nativity.  All are made of poly resin.  The scene on the left is 8” tall, the middle is 13” tall by 11” wide, and the scene on the right is 9.5” tall.

The Santa with deer décor on the left is 12” high x 8.25 long, while the Santa holding a tree on the right is 10” high x 4.5” long.  Both are made of poly resin

It isn’t always easy to find Santas, snowmen or other holiday characters that can stand on their own, but these stores actually have a good selection of them.  Santas are pictured above, including hard to find Black Santas.

The standing reindeer on the left is 11” tall.   The reindeer is also available in a red sweater. The sitting elf in the middle is 68” and a girl elf is also available.  The standing gnome on the right is 18” tall and is available in different versions.

The standing snowman on the left above is 28” high and also available in blue clothes.  The gingerbread girl on the right is 28” tall.  A standing gingerbread man is also available.

These stores have a wide variety of decorative nutcrackers.  Those shown above are but a sample.

On the left above is a 20” snowman, with a 17” standing snowman in the middle.  On the right is a 14” snow seal.  These are a small representation of the seasonal décor items available.

The décor items above all have a beach holiday theme.  On the top left is a “sea Santa” stocking holder.  In the middle is an 8.5” poly resin Christmas lighthouse, and on the right a 16” “nautical Santa.”  In the lower row the sails on the boats have shells in the netting and “ho ho ho” on the sails.  The snowmen are made from sand dollar shells.  These are great accents, whether you are celebrating the holidays at the beach, or just with you were.

Find these decorations and décor items in Christmas Tree Shops and & That! Stores or online at CT DÉCOR. sells only online and has a tremendous variety of party supplies, including the reindeer tea light holder and melting snowmen candles in the top row above.  The Santa suit table runner in the bottom row is 100% cotton and 14” x 72”.  The reindeer salt and pepper shakers on the right  are ceramic.

The pictures above are all “Christmas at the beach” ornaments.  Perfect if you have a beach themed tree, but just as useful with the strings removed and scattered around your party area to create a “beach” feel, or to add to the décor at your holiday beach home.

Find these decorations and décor items online at PS DÉCOR.




Swoozies opened their first store in Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia in 2001.  Half of the store features invitations & stationery and half is devoted to gifts, many of them being personalized.  The gift area of the store is theme based, changing with the seasons.  The folks at Swoozie’s are passionate about many things, including recognizing and celebrating life’s occasions.  There are now ten Swoozie’s stores, mostly in the Southern states, most recently in the Denver area, and  They have treatments for tableware and decor seen nowhere else, and their sense of humor is readily apparent in all their product categories.

Swoozie’s best holiday décor items this year are the “Christmas at the beach:” pillows above.  Find them at Swoozie’s stores or online at SW DÉCOR.


Pottery Barn




Adorable Santa napkin holders and Christmas icon place card holders are shown in the top row.  Table runners in the middle row include Denver Plaid on the right, part of the Denver Plaid Collection of dinnerware and drinkware.  Santa and the room and vintage card with trees adorn the doormats in the bottom row.  For these and much more holiday décor, see Pottery Barn stores or online at PB ENTERTAIN for items in the top two rows and PB DÉCOR for other items.


Pier 1

Pie 1 has a good collection of Santa Clauses, Mr. & Mrs. and ethnic.  Those shown above are representative of their offering.

The hand crafted glass lamps in the top row that are new for Pier 1 are lit  by LED string lights.  The snowman on the left I the top row  is 11.75: x 4” and. This style is also available with a deer image.  The holiday truck oval glass lamp on the right  is 7” x 4” x 6.5”.  The snow angel in the bottom row is 16” and designed as a tree topper, but would look spectacular anywhere in your part area.  The with reindeer LED light up photo/card holder. Is right at home over a  mantle, or over a sofa.

Mr. and Mrs. Santa chair decorations are featured in the top row.  The elf legs chair decoration is o the left in the bottom, while the faux greenery and plaid ribbon chair back decoration is on the right.

The top row above contains two light up statements for the season, great to adorn your mantle or buffet.  Both are hand crafted. The bottom row provides three samples of tree skirts, two just for fun (the reindeer skirt lights up) and the middle for beauty (it has lights too; they enhance the shimmery snowflakes).  Batteries are not included for any of these.

Glass LED light up snowmen are in the top row.  On the left he’s 12” and hand crafted, the family on the right ranges from 9” for the tallest to (that’s mom and her hat) to 4” for the baby.  Batteries included for both.  The tall Santa’s hat tree topper on the bottom left is 15” tall.  The beach Santa on the right is 18” tall.  There are also two other beach Santas available online.

Some of the items we’ve included are only available online.  See all the rest in Pier 1 stores or Find everything at P1 DÉCOR.


Oriental Trading Company

Oriental Trading Company has an amazing array of party supplies.  They started out using catalogs to sell to teachers, expanded to corporate sales and now sell to everyone online.


The “Believe” Nativity scene candle holder on the top left above is 5.5” high,  The snowman is 12” x 13” and can also be purchased in a set with Mrs. Snowman (we love the sentiment!).


Above are three fabric table runners.  The Buffalo Plaid runner on the left ($9.99) and the Christmas Night runner in the center ($13.29) are cotton and 12” x 70” .     The burlap with red Christmas tree is on the right.  It’s 14” x 72” and costs $7.99. 

Find these and more home décor and decorative accents online at OTC DÉCOR.


Party City

While Party City has an awesome variety of disposable Christmas party supplies, they also have some interesting pieces that are not disposable.   The bamboo cutting board with a zinc spreader is a good example.   The set is also available as a Christmas tree.  Both are sold online only.  Buffalo Plaid seems to ve hot this year, but this is the only apron we’ve seen.  They also have kitchen towels in the plaid.  The drink set on the right makes a lovely hostess gift with the wine stopper, napkins and wine glass charms.

The top pictures are two of their standing seasonal décor icons .  The  reindeer girl is 36” tall.  The snowman is 23”, and they also have an elf the same size.  The glass LED light up Christmas tree in the center row s available in two sizes, 15” and 9.5”.  The tree also comes covered with pine cones.    The polyester red table runner with silver stars is 14” x 72”.  Both pictures in the bottom row are string lights.  On the left are mini string lights in a 7’ string.  Batteries not included.  On the left are pine cone lights in a 12’ string.  Batteries included.

Find these and more Christmas décor items in Party City stores or online at PC DÉCOR.


Decorating with Lights

Before electricity candles were strictly for light.  Thankfully candles can now be used to create ambience.  Red or green taper candles in brass or silver candle holders are staples of traditional Christmas décor.  Pillar candles on chargers are more recent, as are floating and votive candles and tea lights.  Now technology has brought us micro string lights, “flameless” candles, floating tea candles and submersible lighting at prices that are affordable. These are fairly new, and most sellers are focusing photography on the lights themselves.  See below and our DECORATING WITH LIGHTS board on Pinterest® for some examples of how string lights and the various new kinds of “candles” can be used.



Pier 1

The glimmer light strings in the top row above are 5’and have 10 LED lights.  The glimmer light strings in the other two rows above are 10’ and have 18 to 25 LED lights.  The candy cane and snowmen strings are for indoor use only.  The rest are also okay for covered outdoor use.  The gingerbread men and reindeer strings are available online only.  The 5’ strings require 2 AA batteries and the 10’ strings require 3.  Batteries  are not included for any.

Some of the items we’ve included are only available online.  See all the rest in Pier 1 stores or online at P1 STRING.


Oriental Trading Company


Oriental Trading Company has a pretty good selection of basic battery operated tea and votive candles, floating candles and submersible lights.  On the left are LED flickering tea light candles.  They are also available in votive size, and both sizes are available in gold and silver as well.  All cost $15.29 per dozen.  The candles in the middle are basic 2.25” metallic floating candles.  They are also available in silver, plus 11 more colors.  The metallic candles are $14.29 per dozen and the regular are $9.57 per dozen.  On the right are submersible LED tea light candles.  The multi color set is pictured.  They also have clear (white) and six colors (4 are shown in the multi color set).  Find these real and battery operated candles on line at OTC LIGHT.


100 Candles

100 Candles sells only online.  This enables them to have a huge inventory covering most every type of candle imaginable.  They are located in Bell Gardens, CA (Los Angeles area).  If you want to know just how much they love the candle business, take a look at their Facebook page or the Gallery on their own site. 


Floating candle Santa is on the left and in the center pictures above, waving with his left hand, and his right hand.  There is also a facing forward, hands down version.  On the right is a set of four gingerbread tea light candles.  Find these candles online at 100C CHRISTMAS.

On the left above is a white LED floating candle; they have both flickering and non-flickering.  These candles are also available in several colors.   The center and right pictures are of submersible LED candles.  The middle candle comes in three versions:  5 LEDS (shown above), 3 LEDs and 1 LED.  They all are sold in 9-10 colors plus UV.  On the far right is their Diamond LED candle.  This one comes in 11 colors.  They also have submersible string lights.  For these candles and more, see 100C FLOAT and 100C SUB.

100 Candles Gallery includes beautiful pictures of how many of their candles can be used.  We’re including a few below because not only is some of the technology pretty new, the combinations will truly spur your imagination.


On the left in the top row above is a photo of metallic gold floating candles surrounded by acrylic “gems” (available in various colors and shapes).  This is a pretty typical use of floating candles.  For the holidays the candles could be surrounded by floating cranberries.  The real inspiration here is the picture in the center.  It uses submersible string lights entwined around the artificial flower petals and a floating candle.  The two arrangements in the bottom row start with colored submersible lights on the bottom, combine artificial flowers and string lights in the middle and finish with floating candles on the top.  Spend a few minutes with their GALLERY, it’s well worth it.


Crafted Candles

Located in the St. Louis metropolitan area, Crafted Candles has a good assortment of candles, from regular tapers to sophisticated pillars and floating candles, with a full selection of sizes and colors.  They have an amazing variety of seasonal and holiday candles in various formats too.  Their candles are not inexpensive, but they are very good quality.  They sell online only.



The 12” candy stripe straight sided candles on the top left  burn about 24 hours (each).  The Christmas tree taper candle in the center is 11” and burns about 4 hours.  The 12” swirl candles with stockings are made of beeswax, burn about 11 hours (each) and are also available in red, green or good.  Both of the twist candles in the lower row are hand made of beeswax  and 12”.  Those on the left are adorned with holly, available in three color combinations and are sold individually.  The double spiral candles on the right are also 12” and are available in six colors and are sold gift boxed in pairs.  Both burn about 8 hours.



The gold Sparkling Tree candle in the top row on the left  comes in three sizes, 8” , 6” and 3.5”.  They burn about 15, 9 and 2 hours respectively.  The picture on the right is the silver version.  All are unscented and sold individually.  The Kapula candles in the lower row  on the left are hand poured in eight color combinations inspired by the colors of Africa.  They are designed to glow from the inside when they are burning  The 3” ornament ball candle in the center is 3” diameter and burns about 25 hours.  They are sold individually wrapped.   The picture on the left shows metallic red 1.5” unscented candles, sold in a box of 12.  These candles are also available in gold and silver.



The candles in the two rows above are floating candles.  The holly candle comes in two sizes 4” and 2”.  The larger size burns 6-7 hours and the smaller burns about 3-4 hours.  The metallic silver and gold candles are 3” diameter and burn about either hours.  They’re also available in 1.5” diameter.  The mistletoe candle is 3.5” and burns about seven hours.  The Santa candle is 3.5” x 2.5” and burns about 5 hours.  The poinsettia candle is 3” diameter and burns about 6-7 hours.  The holly candle is 5” diameter and burns about 7-8 hours.

Candles, including floating candles, are a great way to establish a mood for your party.  Or they can just be used to reinforce the holiday theme.  For multiple floating candles, you need a bowl large enough to allow them to move around a bit.  However, martini glasses make a great showcase for individual floating candles.  Crafted Candles provides good tips on how to use candles safely and maximizing the use of their candles.  For these or more seasonal candles, see Crafted Candles’ website at CCANDLES.