Decorations Halloween 2018

The WHERE TO FIND IT - DECORATIONS page provides ideas on where to find interesting and hard to find items that dress up your home, your serving table, and make Halloween entertaining more fun.  Prices, where they are provided, are subject to change without notice.  Items shown may not be available online or in all stores and are subject to prior sale.

You’re having a Halloween party, time to decorate!


Pier 1


Lighting is an easy way to set the tone for any party.  Pier 1 offers several options, including the black cat and skull twinkle lights in the top row (the light comes from plug in string lights, include).  And they’re known for their candles, like the “melting Face” LED pillar candle on the right in the second row.  They also have an extensive selection of seasonal Halloween glimmer strings.  They are all battery operated, for use indoors or covered outdoors, and all have built in timers.  The strings in the top row all have 10 lights.  The left and center strings are available online only.  The strings in the bottom row have 5 lights.  The skull lights on the left are available online only.  The  “Wee Bit Wicked” sign on the  left In the second row is made of resin and is 9.5” x 1.5” x 6.25”.  The gypsum pumpkins next to the sign are each about 5.5” x 6.5”.  All nicely reinforce the fun Halloween feeling.


If you love cats, or even just black cats and Halloween, Pier 1 has you covered.  On the left in the top row is a beaded, hand crafted throw pillow (14” x 14”).  In the middle is a 30 “ x 18” doormat that can be used indoors or outdoors.  On the right is a beaded placemat.  The bottom row  features Day of the Dead themed décor, including the beaded table runner on the left,  the Chihuahuas lumbar pillow in the center, and the tea light holder on the right.


It just wouldn’t be Halloween without witches.  Pier 1 offers both a table runner and chair décor with dangling witches feet.  And, of course, door mats with various witch references.  The doormat on the left in the bottom row is an LED light up musical doormat.  What fun!

Find these Halloween décor items and more in Pier 1 stores or online at P1 HALLOW.



Karen Sabatello is the artist behind ArteeVita.  She enjoys painting on glass, particularly wine glasses and bottles.  She loves gardening and cats/animals, which can be seen in much of her painting.  She mostly paints what inspires her, but is happy to customize if requested.

a witches hat and a haunted tree.  The lighted bottles in the bottom row feature happy ghosts on the lfet and a black cat on a pumpkin on the right.  These are typically ready to ship in 3-5 business days, and Karen can include a gift message if you would like.  These pieces are beautiful unlet, but the light really transforms them.  See these and more Halloween décor items, or request something unique, online at AV HALLOW.


Pottery Barn


In keeping with Pottery Barn’s style, their Halloween décor is classic and has more detail than that found in other retailers’ Halloween décor.  Left in the top row is a 6.75” x 24” Weeping Witches Willow Tree.  PB’s lit crystal spider web is in the middle, with “Mr. Bones” on the right (you can place him indoors or outdoors, and position his arms and legs to fit the placement).  The luminaria on the left in the bottom row are made of blown glass.  They will accommodate 3” candles.   The Jack O’ Lantern string lights on the right are made of burlap and may be used indoors or outdoors (but avoid water).  At night when hung in trees, they appear to be floating in the air.  What a great way to welcome guests and set the Halloween party mood.  Find these and more Halloween décor items in Pottery Barn stores or online at PB HALLOW.


Christmas Tree Shops and & That! Stores

Christmas Tree Shops originated in Yarmouth Port, MA in 1970 as a complex of three small stores selling Christmas decor.  The company has been expanding their product mix of bargain and closeout items, and stores beyond Cape Cod since the 1980s.  In 2003 the company was acquired by Bed Bath & Beyond, and by 2014 had 83 stores in 18 states, mostly in and around the Eastern seaboard and South.  And That! Is a new banner used to expand Christmas Tree Shops to new parts of the country that are not familiar with the concept, so far including Virginia, Michigan, New Jersey and Georgia.  The product mix currently includes home and décor, kitchen and dining, food and drink, furniture, curtain and rugs, plus a good bit of seasonal products that fit into these categories.  They definitely feature bargain prices, and the quality of most of their products is comparable to many main stream retailers.

On the left in the top row above is a 5’5” animated “Bones Reaper”, priced at $39.95.  In the middle is a sitting witch ($7.99 and also available in purple or red dress), and on the right is a 28” standing  metal “Sugar Skull” Day of the Dead Scarecrow ($9.99), .  In the bottom row on the left is a headstone with lighted eyes in the skeleton peering over the top ($7.99), and on the right in a vampire’s head with lighted red eyes ($9.99 and also available as a skeleton head).


These stores always have a wide variety of door mats.  The top row above includes a Day of the Dead version on the left and vampire version on the right..  The bottom row includes a welcome for witches on the left, corn candy in the middle and the mat on the right doubles as a welcome and goodbye mat.

These are just a few of the Halloween décor items available.  See these and more in Christmas Tree Shops and & That! Stores or online at CTS HALLOW. is essentially a business that provides party planning help and all kinds of party goods to make your parties more fun.  While they have a warehouse in Nashville, TN, they only sell online.  They provide support for a large number of party themes.

In the top row on the left is a 12” hanging cheesecloth ghost.  It’s lighted by LED lights powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included).  Next is an 18” tall sooky house.  This is actually a 6 piece set, so the tree and tombstones ca be used separately.   Pieces are made of glittered metal on a slate base.  At $16.50, this is an excellent addition to your Halloween décor.  The two ghost candles on the right are sold in a set of 2 and are available in large (10” x 2.5”) and small (6.5” x 2”).

The bottom row contains two Halloween themed lights, with scary eyeballs on the left and “Dead Sugar Skull” lights on the right.  Both have 6’strings and can be used indoor or outdoor.  The sugar skull string has 10 lights while the “eyes” string has 10 pair of eye bulbs.  At $12.95 and $14.95 respectively, these are the lowest prices we’ve seen.

Find these and more items to make your Halloween happy online at SWIZZLE HALLOW.



Swoozie’s opened their first store in Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia in 2001.  Half of the store features invitations & stationery and half is devoted to gifts, many of them being personalized.  The gift area of the store is theme based, changing with the seasons.  The folks at Swoozie’s are passionate about many things, including recognizing and celebrating life’s occasions.  There are now ten Swoozie’s stores, mostly in the Southern states, most recently in the Denver area, and  They have treatments  for décor seen nowhere else, and their sense of humor is readily apparent in all their product categories.


The top row features, from left to right, a ghostly pillow wrap that fits any 15” pillow, striped witch table legs in the center and a skeleton head waring a top hat on the right   The door mats in the bottom row both have a witch theme.  Find these items and more in Swoozie’s stores or online at SW HALLOW.


Oriental Trading Company

Oriental Trading Company has an amazing array of party supplies.  They started out using catalogs to sell to teachers, expanded to corporate sales and now sell to everyone online.

Oriental Trading Company has a wide assortment of Halloween décor items.  Items in this group are cute and friendly.   In the top row are witches legs in two positions, on the left as table legs (27”) and kicking legs (11” long) on the right  (uses 3 AAA batteries, not included).  In the second row, on the left is a pumpkin train.  In the center is a plus shelf sitting witch, and on the right  is a visiting ghost (no need to open the window for this cute little guy). 

These items are definitely more in the creepy category.  The eyeball orbs on the left in the top row come in 3 sizes, from 1.5 to 3.5 inches diameter and are sold as a set (9 pieces, 3 of each size).  Eyeballs show on the front and back.  They’re finished in high gloss plastic, but built around a Styrofoam core, so they’re very lightweight.  A trio of “no evil” skulls are in the middle, with a 10” x 25” animated clawing zombie groundbreaker on the right (zombie laughs and eyes glow red).  Requires 2 AA batteries, not included.

Skeletons are next.  On the top right is a life size posable skeleton ($39.98). And on the left is a cat skeleton.  The brain on the bottom looks so realistic!  And what’s Halloween without spider webs?  These stretchable creepy-crawly strands also include a 1.5” black spider.  They will stretch over tables, windows and more.  Sold in bags of a dozen, priced at $6.98 per bag, you can afford to cover as much of the house as you want.

Find these and many more Halloween décor items on line at OTC HALLOW.


Party City


Most of us think of Party City when we’re looking for disposable party supplies, and for good reasons.  However, They have begun carrying a small assortment of items like the 60” x 80” polyester Halloween tablecloth shown in the top row, and the 72” x 72” fabric mantle scarf next to it.  They also have other seasonal fabric tablecloths and table runners, and at a top price of $12.99, they’re less than most department stores.

They also offer an assortment of Halloween centerpieces, from simple to fairly elaborate, as seen in the second row.  They also have an assortment of décor like the Boo sign in the 3rd row.  This sign is 16” x 16”, made of fiberboard and metal, and would look great on the mantle  or book case.  And of course they carry candles, like the 5.75” wax barbed wire candle on the left in the bottom row, or the  3.75” black and white swirls wax candle on the right.

The top row above features a few of their scarecrows, all of which are “standing” scarecrows.  From left to right, the Day of the Dead Sugar Skull scarecrow (13” x 24”),  the  Friendly Pumpkin scarecrow and the  Friendly Witch scarecrow (all these scarecrows are also referred to as “decorations”).  The bottom row features outside decorations.  The “Hanging Reaper” (5-1/2” x 7’) is on the left.  The skull paper luminaries are 6: x 11” and sold in sets of 6,  On the right is a 3 piece set of hanging porch ghouls, perfect for greeting Halloween party guests.

Find all these decorations in Party City stores or online at PC HALLOW.


100 Candles

Located in a suburb or Los Angeles, 100 Candles sells only online.  They sell not only candles and LED lights, but an array of ancillary  and specialty products.  They are true candle lovers, and their entire business plan revolves around creating and maintaining a community of candle lovers.  If you’re buying in bulk, they offer some serious discounts.


The tea candles on the left in the top row are sold in a 3 piece set.  Those on the right are sold in a 4 piece set.  Your choice, happy or scary.  Floating candles are in the bottom row, with bats on the left and black cats on the right.  Both are sold in packs of 3 and typically burn for 2-3 hours.



The top row above offers “pumpkins” in two forms, tabletop or floating.  The floating candle is 6: and burns about 6 hours.  The bottom row contains two styles of floating candles.   The candle on the left is 2” and burns about 6 hours.  This candle is available in 13 colors and 11 styles.  On the right is their 3”  candle that burns about 11 hours.  It’s available in 13 colors.


The candles in the row above are LED candles.  The candle on the left is submersible and available in 12 colors and 24 styles (priced at $1.09 each).  The candle in the center is a steady floating candle (it doesn’t flicker).  It’s available in 10 colors and 23 styles ($0.88 each).  The candle on the right is a floating LED Flickering candle.  It can be anchored in place and comes with a replaceable battery.  It’s available in 12 colors ($1.29 each).

Find these and more candles and more online at 100C HALLOW.


Crafted Candles

Located in the St. Louis metropolitan area, Crafted Candles has a huge assortment of candles, from regular tapers to sophisticated pillars and floating candles, with a full selection of sizes and colors.  They have an amazing variety of seasonal and holiday candles in various formats too.

The top row features simple taper candles in seasonal Halloween candle holders, pumpkins on the left and bats on the right.  The second row features some of their Halloween seasonal straight sided candles.  The candles on the left are 9” and their pattern is also available for votive candles.  The skull and cross bones candles in the middle are 12”.  The candles on the right are 10” and burn for about 7 hours.  They feature bats clinging to the candles near the middle.  Candle holders shown are not included with the candles.

The top row features a pair of standing ghost candles on the left (5” and 7” sold separately and individually wrapped).  The ghost candles on the right are affixed to bamboo sticks and intended for cupcakes.  They are 1.25” tall, burn for 2 minutes and are sold in sets of 4.  Floating candles are featured in the bottom row.  The candy corn candles on the left are 2.5” long and sold in sets of 2.  The Halloween icon candles on the right are about 3” x 3” each, burn 3-5 hours and are sold in a set of 3.

Find these fun candles and more online at CC HALLOW.