Dinnerware 2019 Winter-Spring

The WHERE TO FIND IT - DINNERWARE page provides ideas on where to find interesting and hard to find dinnerware items that dress up your serving table and make entertaining more fun, whether for elegant or casual occasions.
Contents change with the seasons.

Dinnerware for Every Occasion


Pottery Barn

In the row above are dinnerware collections that exemplify the versatility of Pottery Barn’s patterns and dish styles.  They are sold online in 16 piece sets or individually (i.e., dinner plates) in sets of 4.  In store all pieces can be purchased individually.  Cambria, on the left is made in Portugal of glazed stoneware and comes in 6 more colors.  In the center is Great White Traditional collection which is made of glazed white porcelain.  Puebla, on the right, is made of vitrified porcelain in Mexico where it is hand painted and hand glazed.  No two pieces are exactly the same.  Additionally, Pottery Barn has over 10 white dinnerware sets.

The left and center dishes above are Seashore stoneware fish and clam appetizer or salad dishes.  On the right are Ava stoneware appetizer plates, available with red or blue background.  All are sold in sets of 4 online and individually in stores.

The dinnerware sets in the above row are melamine.  On the left is the Del Sol melamine collection.  Dinner and salad plates come in sets of 4 with mixed patterns.  Individual bowls are also available and are all the same pattern.  A variety of serveware is also available for this pattern.  On the left is the Swirl melamine collection.  It includes dinner plates, individual bowls and salad plates and is available in 5 colors including white.  Individual pieces are sold in sets of 4.  All are sold individually in stores.

Find these dinnerware patterns and more in Pottery Barn stores or online at PB DINNER.


Crate & Barrel

Three dinnerware collections are shown above.  On top is the Marin collection, made of stoneware in Portugal.  This collection includes 12 Mediterranean colors.  The hand crafted Savanah collection in the middle is also made in Portugal.  All pieces in the Savanah collection are white, except for a salad plate and small charger plate, which have gold rims.  The hand painted porcelain Maison collection is on the bottom.  Pieces are all white or white with blue or grey rings.  When used with blue rings as above, the pattern is referred to as Maison Cobalt.  You can mix/match to expand the basic white pattern. The Maison Platinum set (not pictured) features all white dinnerware with platinum edges.  Find these dinnerware collections and more in Crate & Barrel stores or online at CB DINNER.

Crate & Barrel offers a good assortment of appetizer/dessert plates.  All are white porcelain.  In the top row on the left is a set of 12 that are part of a collection.  In the middle is a slightly different style that is sold individually.  On the right is the Filagree set of 12 appetizer plates and stand.  The bottom row features a rectangular plate (10” x 5.75”) that can be used as a serving platter (on the left) or dinner/ salad plate (right).  At their $3.99 price, these are inexpensive enough that you could create your own dinnerware set.  Find these plates and more in Crate & Barrel stores or online at CB ENTERTAIN.


World Market

World Market grew from a San Francisco businessman selling imported hand-woven wicker from one of the city’s piers in the 1950s to over 259 stores nationwide today.  They specialize in original and handmade items from around the world sold at great prices in their stores and online.  Most items in stores are sold individually unless otherwise specified, but online items are generally sold in sets of 4.

Dinnerware above demonstrates the range of World Market’s subtle dinnerware patterns.  Top left is their Gray & Tan Marble collection, and on the right is their Element stoneware collection shown in their Blush color (also available in charcoal, stone gray and light sage).  The second row features international patterns, with the Powder Blue Sakura porcelain  pattern.  They also offer this pattern in Taupe.  The third row shows the Indigo Blue & Ivory collection on the right.  On the left are dinner plates, which, like the salad plates, bowls and cups are sold in sets of 4 with individual patterns.  World Market has an extensive selection of white dinnerware.  The Coupe Dinnerware collection is  shown in the bottom row with square dinnerware on the left and round on the right.

The dinnerware above is representative of World Market’s more vibrant dinnerware.  Patterns In the top row are internationally influenced.  On the left is the Fiji collection, with beautiful island floral.  On the left is the Fez Moroccan collection, with dessert colors and patterns.  The Black Trilogy pattern is on the bottom left, and on the right is their Nomad Collection, featuring elephants and bright floral reminiscent of India.

Accent plates are shown above with vintage wine plates on the left and multi color gold rimmed glass dessert plates on the right.  Both are sold in sets of 4.  In the center is a matte black sushi plate (sold in sets of 2).

Find these dinnerware styles and more in World Market stores or online at WM DINNER.


Pier 1

Pier 1 has an extensive selection of dinnerware.  The above are representative of some of their styles.  The top row features floral patterns.  On the left is their ceramic Magnolia pattern.  On the left is their glazed porcelain Statement Floral pattern.  On the bottom left, the Blue Tile pattern in stoneware is typical of their patterned dinnerware.  On the right is their Teal Reactive Glaze pattern, also in stoneware.  All are sold individually.

They also have a good selection of accent/appetizer/salad/dessert plates.  On the left above is their new Fashion Frenzy pattern of porcelain salad plates.  In the middle is the Blue Tile set of salad plates.  On the right is the Party Cats set of ironstone plates (there is a matching rectangular platter too).  These are sold in sets of 4 only.

See stores for look online at PIER1 DINNER for these and more dinnerware patterns.


Christmas Tree Shops and & That Stores

 Christmas Tree Shops operates over 70 locations, including a few named “& That.”  The stores are mostly in the northeast or southeast, but their website, christmastreeshops.com, makes their offerings available to everyone.  They have a broad selection of home decor and entertaining items, at amazingly low prices.  They’re definitely worth a visit, however you do it.  In their stores, this retailer sells most everything individually.  On line most everything but serveware is sold in sets of 4.

The row above features Colored Bamboo salad bowls (available in red, green, orange and yellow) and a red serving bowl with matching red serving fork and spoon.  These are great for casual dining.

This row shows two Grainhouse patterns.  On the left is the Fem Damask pattern (melamine).  This pattern is available in dinner plates, salad plates and bowls.  On the right is the Marble pattern of ceramic dinnerware.  Dinner plates are available in blue only, but salad plates, cups and bowls are available in gray and tan.

Blue and White Floral dinnerware is on the left in the row above.  On the right is the Bistro Basics pattern in yellow (also available in red, cobalt, white, gray, lime and tan, but not all colors are available in every piece).  Both dinnerware sets are made of ceramic.  Each piece is sold in sets of 4 online, but individually in stores.

Find these dinnerware pieces, patterns and more in Christmas Tree Shops and & That! Stores or online at CTS DINNER.