Dinnerware Summer 2019

The WHERE TO FIND IT - DINNERWARE page provides ideas on where to find interesting and hard to find dinnerware items that dress up your serving table and make entertaining more fun, whether for elegant or casual occasions.
Contents change with the seasons.

Dinnerware for Every Occasion


Pier 1

The top row features dinnerware collections.   In the top row on the left is the earthenware Carynthum Collection.  In the middle is Tropical Palm, also earthenware.  On the right is the new Sea Life Ironstone Collection.  The bottom row is all salad plates, all sold in sets of 4.  On the left is the Pups & Handbags Salad Set.  Tropical Palm salad plates in the middle are alternates to those shown in the Collection picture above.  On the right is the Cactus ceramic set.

All the dinnerware above is melamine.  From the list is the Sea Splash Coral set, which is also available in turquoise.  In the middle are the Floral Butterfly set, and on the right is the Carnival Square set.  The bottom row is salad plate, all sold in sets of 4.  On the left is the Tropical Birds set on the right is the Caribbean Life set.

Find these dinner pieces and more in Pier 1 stores or online at P1 DINNER.


Pottery Barn

On the top left is the Lakehouse Sailboat enamel and steel salad plate.  The rim is stainless steel.  These plates are for indoor/outdoor use and are sold individually.  On the right is the Cambria dinnerware collection of solid color glazed stoneware.  The pattern also includes red, stone, celadon, turquoise and gray.  The Puebla stoneware collection in on the bottom left.  Dishes are hand painted.  the Ava stoneware collection from No. India is on the right.  Both are sold in sets of 4 online and individually or sets in stores.

The dinnerware above is Pottery Barn’s newest collection.  It is made of carbon steel with porcelain coating and stainless steel rims.  Pieces are hand dipped and finished.  There are two patterns, Pescado on the left and Lobster on the right.  The Pescado is shown with dinner and salad plates.  The Lobster is shown with a dinner plate and dip bowl.  Both patterns include dinner and salad plates, dip bowls (4” x 1”, holds 4 ounces), serving platters and bowls.  This collection is designed to work as well outside as it does inside.

All dinnerware above is melamine.  On the top left are Figural Shell appetizer plates.  They are 8” x 5.25” x .75” and sold individually or in sets of 2.  The Cambrian Dinnerware Collection is on the right.    Colors include turquoise, shell pink, ocean and stone.  From left to right, the bottom row includes the Del Sol, Swirl and Hampton Dinnerware Collections.  These vibrant colors will make any deck or dining room party ready all by themselves.

Find these dinnerware collections in Pottery Barn stores or online at PB DINNER.


Crate & Barrel

On the left above is an enamel dinner plate.  It is sold individually.  On the right is the new Mercer Denim Appetizer Plate Set of 8.  They are part of the Mercer Denim collection, made of porcelain.  The collection also includes dinner and salad plates, 2 sizes of individual bowls, coffee mug as well as serving platter and bowl.  The dishware in this collection has a rare ability to look casual and elegant at the same time, and really looks like the dishes have been hand crafted.

All the dinnerware above is melamine.  The  new Cruz Botanical dinner and salad plates are in the top row.  The new Nico Palm salad and dinner plates are in the middle row.  They are part of the Nico Collection, which includes the Nico vermilion and Nico green dinner plates in the bottom row.  Dinnerware in the collection is also available in Nico blue and Nico cream.  All solid colored dinnerware includes dinner and salad plates and a bowl. and are sold individually.  Salad plates in the Nico Palm pattern are usually in the same pattern as the dinner plates, but the salad plates shown on the left in the middle are also available in sets of 4.  All serveware is in the Nico Palm pattern.

All the dinnerware above is part of the Caprice Mod Medallion Collection, and all melamine.  On the top left is a dinner plate (also available in 7 solid colors).  On the right is the collection with all patterned dishware.  On the lower row on the left are a set of 4 patterned salad plates.  On the right is one of the 7 solid colors in a dinner plate.  You get a pretty good idea of the other colors from the collection picture.  The opportunities to mix and match are almost too many to count.  But they all result in a colorful table setting that will make the table on your deck look like it was transported from an expensive resort.

See this summer dinnerware and more in Crate & Barrel stores and online at CB DINNER.


World Market

World Market grew from a San Francisco businessman selling imported hand-woven wicker from one of the city’s piers in the 1950s to over 259 stores nationwide today.  They specialize in original and handmade items from around the world sold at great prices in their stores and online.

On the left above is the White and Blue Sardine Entertaining Collection.  The dinnerware is earthenware with in-glaze decals.  The Cactus Collection in the middle is melamine.  Dinner plates have only the pattern shown and are available in store only.  Salad plates each have an individual pattern.  The Italian Sealife Dinnerware Collection is on the right.  It includes dinner plates, pasta bowls, a platter and serving bowl, all earthenware.  Plates in all collections are sold in sets of 4.

On the right above is the Santiago Collection.  This melamine dishware  includes dinner plates (main pattern), salad and appetizer plates (two different patterns, 4 versions of each), dip bowls (sold in sets, each set has a floral and stripe pattern), an almost vast array of serving platters and a chip/dip tray.  No matter what your casual entertaining needs are, there is likely a mix/match that will suit your needs perfectly within this beautiful melamine collection.

On the right are two “short glasses” which you will also find in the Drinkware page.  They are here as well because they are each about 3” x 3.5”, hold up to 10 ounces, and can double as small plate dessert dishes.  They are sold individually, so you can create two different sets or one mixed set .  They are really perfect if you’re looking for something beautiful to showcase  your desserts to people who would refuse a regular serving (but really want that dessert).

Find these dinnerware items in World Market stores or online at WM DINNER.