The WHERE TO FIND IT - DRINKWARE page provides ideas on where to find interesting and hard to find items that dress up your serving table and make entertaining more fun, whether for elegant or casual occasions.

Contents change with the seasons.

Drinkware for Every Taste

Pier I

Pier I’s selection of Fall wine glasses is extensive, with themes including leaves, pumpkins and adorable animals.  Find these and more at Pier I stores or online at PIER 1 WINE.


Esty.com is a marketplace where you can discover handmade items, vintage goods and craft supplies you can’t find anywhere else.  Numerous artists operate boutique “stores” online with Esty.  While many also have a website, typically the only way they sell online is sold through their Esty “store.”  Following are three of those stores selling hand painted Fall wine glasses that are representative of what artists on Esty.com offer. 

Lemon Tree Workshop


The artist at Lemon Tree Workshop, Brenda Dee Cook, specializes in creating unique, functional and highly, realistic hand painted personalized glassware.  Three of her Fall wine glasses are pictured above.  She will work with you to design exactly what you like, or you can leave it up to her to design according to your input, but all are based on flowers/leaves.  You can find these Fall wine glasses and more at her Esty store, LEMONTREEWORKSHOP.



Karen Sabatello is the artist behind ArteeVita.  She enjoys painting on glass, particularly wine glasses.  She loves gardening and cats/animals, which can be seen in much of her painting.  She mostly paints what inspires her, but is happy to customize if requested.  You can find these Fall wine glasses and more at her Esty store, ARTEEVITA.



Jodistuff is Jodi Granovsky’s Esty store.  It’s a very personal place.  She loves glasses, wine and music, and is happiest when she is painting wine glass listening to music.  In the Fall wine glasses pictured, she has picked the leaves of Oak trees for three, and falling leaves for the middle right picture.  In some she has painted only on the part of the glass that holds wine.  In the 2 pictures on the right she has added additional detail on the bases.  In the far right she has painted a leaf on the bottom, and acorns on the top.  See these and more Fall wine glasses at her Esty store, JODISTUFF.