Drinkware 2019 Winter-Spring

The WHERE TO FIND IT - DRINKWARE page provides ideas on where to find interesting and hard to find glasses, barware and accessory items that dress up your serving table and make entertaining more fun, whether for elegant or casual occasions.
Contents change with the seasons.

Drinkware for Every Need



This is the Esty.com store for Karen Sabatello’s Arte & Vita (Art & Life) business.  Karen is a self taught artist who has been enthralled by decorative painting since childhood.  She says that giving something old new life gives them even more character.  She’s been painting for over 25 years, focusing on topics that reflect her interests and passions.  Her hand painted wine glasses are among the most beautiful we have seen.  She is also happy to personalize her art.

Find these amazing hand painted glasses and more at AV DRINK.


Crate & Barrel

If you’re serving spirits, the updated classic drinkware collections above are just the thing.  On the left is the Hatch collection.  The glass is molded to resemble cut crystal, which must have been invented to compliment good whisky.  On the right is the Price collection of blown glass that’s made in Europe for Crate & Barrel.  The glasses are finished with a hand painted band of platinum.

The pictures above features the Tour collection from Schott Zweisel.  The Tritan glass is break, chip & scratch resistant, and oh so elegant.  Find these and more in Crate & Barrel stores or online at CB SPIRITS.

Crate & Barrel consistently stocks wine glasses that will meet all your needs.  This suite of traditional red and white wine glasses for each of their varietals are hand-crafted in Europe.  Between those are contemporary, basic glasses for white, red and sparkling wine.  This is a small part of their overall wine glass selection.  Find them all at CB WINE.

The row above features a different kind of drinkware in each picture.  All can be found in CB stores or online (links follow). 

It seems like everywhere you look there’s a new craft brewery.  If you like to try and then share your newest finds, the tasting glass set on the left above makes it easy to keep track of the various styles with bottle cap numerals for ales, pilsners, lagers and stouts (or you can use your own designations).  It comes with an acacia wood serving tray.  Find this beer tasting set online at CB BEER.

In the center are Crate & Barrel’s own “Bitty Bites” glasses.  While these are pictured with tasting size soup servings, they are actually contemporary styled shot glasses.  The “tall” Bitty Bites are perfect for regular shots.  The short glasses will accommodate both a shot and a single cube of ice, for those who want both at the same time.  See the bitty bite glasses at CB CORDIAL GLASSES.

In the picture on the right, the Oba large pitcher is hand made in Turkey.  It beautifully showcase punches and any cocktails that can be heavily garnished with fruits or herbs.  Find this and more pitchers at CB PITCHERS.


Pottery Barn


The left and center pictures above are of the Optic collection, which includes a decanter, wine and cocktail glasses.  They are all mouth blown crystalline glass made in Poland.  Glasses are sold in sets of 4.  Bodega glasses are shown in the picture on the right.  This group includes contemporary red, white wine glasses, stemless wine and flute glasses, a tumbler and juice glass.   Find these collections and more in Pottery Barn stores or online at PB DRINK COLLECTIONS.

The left and center pictures above are of the Library collection, which includes a martini pitcher, decanter, martini glasses, double old fashioned glasses and highball glasses.  They are crafted in Turkey of molded blown soda glass and feature a hand-cut design. Glasses are sold in sets of 6.  The picture on the right features cut glass coupe glasses and an ice bucket.  The designs are from fashion designer Monique Lhullier Avril.  The coupe glasses are made from molded soda lime crystal and the Peyton ice bucket is made from lead free crystal.  This drinkware is the essence of elegance.

PB Classic drink dispensers are shown on the right above.  They are made from blown soda-lime glass and available in two sizes, large (10” x 13”, holds 12 quarts) and small (9” x 11”, holds 7.5 quarts).  They are also available in acrylic.  The picture in the middle features the stand rather than the dispenser.  It is part of the Del Sol collection of melamine dishes.  This picture is included with the PB Classic glass dispensers.  The group on the right are infuser dispensers.  The three on the right rest on a variety of stands, including stoneware, rattan wicker (with a metal frame), and galvanized metal and hold about 3 quarts.  On the left in this picture is a double stacking drink dispenser (no base) which holds a total of about 3.75 quarts.

Find all the above drinkware and more in Pottery Barn stores and online at PB DRINK.


Pier 1


The wine glasses in the top row above are just plain fun, especially the Party Cats set of 4.  The matte green “dipped” wine glasses on the bottom left are hand painted and also available in pink or blue.  The rose gold glasses on the right are hand painted.    Find these and other lovely drinkware at PIER 1 DRINK.


Christmas Tree Shops and & That stores

Christmas Tree Shops operates over 70 locations, including a few named “& That.”  The stores are mostly in the northeast or southeast, but their website, christmastreeshops.com, makes their offerings available to everyone.  They have a broad selection of home decor and entertaining items, at amazingly low prices.  They’re definitely worth a visit, however you do it.  In their stores, this retailer sells most everything individually.  On line most everything but serveware is sold in sets of 4.

The top row above includes flat bottom wine glasses and Frosted Ombre wine glasses (also available in blue, aqua and green).  Great for any occasion.  The rhinestone fluted Gold Lux set in the bottom row on the left and the white and silver peacock feather glasses with studded accenting on the right are great for more dressy occasions.  Sold in sets of 4 online.

Whether you are interesting in tasting beer glasses (set includes 4 glasses and wooden flight glass holder) or the glass best suited for a specific kind of beer (sold in a set of 6), you’re covered here.  For your spirit drinking friends, the smoked, cut double old fashioned glasses on the right (set of 4) are just perfect.

Both drink dispensers above hold 1.5 gallons.  Add a few herbs and pieces of fruit and you have not just a delicious drink, but a beautiful drink as well, for under $20 each.

Find these and more drinkware items in Christmas Tree Shops and & That! Stores or online at CTS DRINK.


World Market

World Market grew from a San Francisco businessman selling imported hand-woven wicker from one of the city’s piers in the 1950s to over 259 stores nationwide today.  They specialize in original and handmade items from around the world sold at great prices in their stores and online.

All the collections shown above include pitchers.  From left to right, there is the Blue Rocco Collection including wine and cocktail glasses.  The Marbled Carmen collection also includes wine and cocktail glasses.  It’s made from recycled glass and hand blown in Mexico.  The acrylic Seagrass wrapped collection at the right includes only the pitcher, a double old fashioned glass and a highball glass.  Whether you’re having a cocktail party or the neighbors over for drinks, these collections make the occasions feel special.

The Acapulco glass pitcher and collection of glass decanters in the top row  dress up ordinary wine, spirits and cocktails nicely.  The addition of metal in the Gold Faceted Barware collection makes a higher quality statement for whatever it contains.  Stemless wine glasses with copper are also shown.

The glasses in the left picture above are part of the Gold Rimmed Bubble collection.  A champagne flute glass, coupe glass, double old fashioned and wine glass are shown.  On the right, the wine glasses are part of the Gold Rim collection, and are mouth blown in the Czech Republic.

Glasses in the top row are patterned.  On the left are gold patterned double old fashioned glasses, sold in a set of 4.  On the right is the Plum Blossom highball glass, sold in a set of 4.  Glasses on the left in the 2nd row are a Tasting collection.  They are essentially shot glasses in different shapes with each shape sold in boxes sets of 6.  They do nicely as dessert tasting glasses as well.  In the middle are more shot glasses, also sold as a set, which are each named for popular cocktails sold as shots.  The glasses on the right are stackable glasses.  They are sold in sets of 4 and include left to right double old fashioned, juice and highball glasses.  This group of glasses can variously be described as sophisticated, fun, beautiful and convenient; that’s pretty much every reason you might want drinkware, and this is just a sample of what’s available.

These beautiful glasses are from the Moroccan Collection.  On the left are double old fashioned glasses with a traditional design against smoky glass (sold as a set of 4, each 15 ounce capacity), and on the right stemless wine glasses with copper-hued embellishments (sold as a set of 3, each 16 ounce capacity).  They are both made in Morocco.  Moroccan Tea glasses (6 ounces capacity) are also available in a set of 6.  Note, Moroccan tea is traditionally served hot in small glasses (as these are).  Any of these glasses would be a lovely accompaniment to Moroccan dishes, but they can actually be used for wine, cocktails, juice or water just to brighten up the table.

The wine glass collections above provide a good idea of the range of styles available at World Market.  In the top row from left to right are Speakeasy collection, the Stemless collection and the Vintner collection. In the bottom row, from left to right are the Napa Tritan Collection, the Connoisseur Crystal collection and the Riedel Vivant Chrystal collection.  And this is just a sample.

Find these drinkware items and much more in World Market stores or online at WM DRINK.



Partyswizzle.com is essentially a business that provides party planning help and all kinds of  party goods to make your parties more fun.  While they have a warehouse in Nashville, TN, they only sell online.  They provide support for a large number of party themes.  They also have one of the largest collections of wine charms we’ve seen in one place.

The top row includes “Equestrian” and “nautical themed charms.  The middle row includes “Music” and “World Traveler Bon Voyage” themes and the bottom row includes regional themes (Hawaii and the Southwest).  These are just a sample.  For more, see PS DRINK.