Drinkware Halloween 2019

The WHERE TO FIND IT - DRINKWARE page provides ideas on where to find interesting and hard to find glasses, barware and accessory items that dress up your Halloween serving table and make Halloween entertaining more fun.  Prices, where they are provided, are subject to change without notice.  Items shown may not be available online or in all stores and are subject to prior sale.

What You Need For Your Halloween Boos & More!

Pottery Barn

If you’re having guests for cocktails or wine, the glasses held in skeleton hands will really set the Halloween mood.  And if you’re serving wine, the skull bottle stopper will fit right in.  The bat and pumpkin cups in the bottom row are glazed hand painted stoneware.  There is also a ghost cup.  The three have matching appetizer plates and small bowls.  Use the cups alone for coffee, or match/mix with the plates and bowls for a great table when you have guests.  Find these charming drinkware items in Pottery Barn stores or online at PB HDRINK.


Glasses by JoAnne

Glasses by JoAnne is the Etsy store for JoAnne Battista.  Although JoAnne has always been an artist and spent thirty years being an Interior Designer, once she discovered painting on wine glasses, she was hooked.  It combines three of here favorite things:  love of wine, decorating and painting.  She always enjoyed decorating for parties, and there’s a theme party in every glass she paints.

You could probably use these glasses and wine charms without looking at any others and be perfectly happy, that’s how great they are.  Notice each pumpkin glass has a different face, but the wine charms are still a good addition, particularly as the night goes on.  Both are sold in sets of 6.

Most glasses are sold in sets.  The set of 4 on the left above are all the same, spider webs.  In the set of 4 on the right, each glass is different (although you can buy sets of 2 of any of them).

JoAnne has painted witches, cats, scary pumpkins, skeletons and more on wine glasses.  She even painted a scary haunted house and tree on both stemless wine glasses (on the right in the top row above).  In the middle row above there are two renditions of hands, witch’s and skeleton’s.  The ghost on the left in the bottom row is the only glass that is sold individually.  Glasses are sold in sets as shown.  The glasses above are favorites, but all glasses are painted to order, so no two will be exactly alike.  Total custom designs or different colors are welcome.  She also paints on pitchers, carafes, appetizer plates and more, plus anything else you want painted.

As JoAnne says, she loves wine, and her talent doesn’t stop at painting on wine glasses.  Her Halloween wine charms are striking, and some more intricate than any others we’ve seen.  This is a small part of her wine charm inventory.

Any of these glasses or wine charms will add life and fun to however you’re entertaining, even it its just a glass of wine with a friend.  Find these and more Halloween drinkware online at JA HALLOW.


Pier 1

These Pier 1 wine glasses really focus on witches and their wiles.  All are hand blown, and those with stems are also hand painted.  They all hold about 19 oz.  Find these and more Halloween drinkware in Pier 1 stores or online at P1 HALLOW.



Jodistuff is Jodi Granovsky’s Etsy store.  It’s a very personal place.  She loves glasses, wine and music, and is happiest when she is painting wine glasses listening to music.

But she also paints a mean martini glass and pilsner glass, as you can see above.  Her glasses are made to order and ready to ship in 1-2 weeks.  She is happy to personalize glasses and gift bags for the glasses.  Glasses are mostly sold in sets of 2, but are sold as pictured.  Wine glasses hold 16 to 19 oz, except the stemless which holds 20 oz.  Find these adorable Halloween glasses online at JS HALLOW.


Williams Sonoma

In this case, it’s not the glasses themselves that are for sale, it’s what’s in them, but not the booze.  In the glass on the left there’s a skull whiskey stone.  You keep them in the freezer for your friends who don’t like their whiskey diluted by ice, but still want it to be chilled.  The ice in the glass on the right was made in a skull ice mold.  This is just the thing for someone who loves everything Halloween.  Both are sold in sets of 2 and you can fine them in Williams Sonoma stores or online at WS HALLOW.


Crafty Kelly’s Gifts

Kelly Warren Light is the artist behind Crafty Kelly’s Gifts and her Etsy online store.  She is an artist of all sorts but her passion and main focus is hand painted glassware. She loves creating works of art and sharing them with others to enjoy!   Kelly lives and works in Hampton, VA.  She is quite versatile, enjoys personalizing her work, and does completely custom designs as well, even being inspired by customers in her design work.  All her wine glasses hold 20 oz.

All of the wine glasses above hold 20 oz.  Glasses are priced individually, but for the stemless wine glasses, you are offered a choice  on the website of 8 hand painted pumpkin faces, or 8 hand painted ghost faces.  The regular wine glasses are painted with a 3D effect.  The scarecrow on the glass on the left has a yellow base.  For those with the black bases, you’re offered a choice from 4 images (zombie hands, haunted house, cemetery or witch).  You can buy one , multiples of any, or a mixture.  See these charming Halloween wine glasses and more online at CKG HALLOW.


Party City

Party City is well known for its thousands of disposable party supplies and costume items, but not so well known for it’s ceramic serveware and glass drinkware.  The shot glasses on the left above hold 2 oz. and are perfect for celebrating Halloween, particularly if the party theme revolves around witches.  The tall inflatable cooler on the right is a great way to keep soft drinks and beer well chilled for Halloween parties, and even better for those with witches for their theme.  Find both these items and more at Party City stores and online at PC HDRINK.


Kari’s Creative Crafts

Kare is a stay at home mom who loves creating things.  She started out making memorial glass blocks for friends and family.  The other items she makes, “just kind of stemmed out of local customer requests.”  Kari’s Creative Crafts is Kari’s Etsy store.  The rest of the items are pretty much wine glasses, with the occasional mason jar that Kari hand paints, with a terrific  sense of humor in most cases.

All the glasses hold about 20 oz. and are sold individually.  If two different glasses are shown, you will need to select the option you want.  As you can see, most of them have something irreverent or funny written on them.  Kari custom makes all the lettering using only high quality vinyl, so no two are exactly the same.  She is happy to personalize them at no extra charge.  Finished glasses are typically ready for shipping from her Michigan studio within 5-8 business days, except during the winter holiday season.  Shipping is Priority Mail and packages are insured for damage.  If you, or your guests enjoy Kari’s brand of irreverence, you’ll find these items and more online at KCC HALLOW.


Oriental Trading Company

Oriental Trading Company has an amazing array of party supplies.  They started out using catalogs to sell to teachers, expanded to corporate sales and now sell to everyone online.

 The plastic skull drink dispenser has been tweaked by putting the pouring spout lower on the head so you can access more of whatever yummy drink it’s holding.  It‘s about 10” high and holds about 2 gallons.  The zombie punch bowl is also plastic and holds about 2.25 gallons.  On the far right is a metal dispenser stand, skeleton hands to hold a standard size glass dispenser (sold separately).  This is perfect if you already have a glass dispenser that will fit and want your Halloween décor to be over the top.  Find the punch bowl online at OTC HPUNCH and the drink dispensers at OTC DRINK.


Karen’s Glass Design

Karen Perez is the artist behind Karen’s Glass Design, her shop on Etsy.com.  She’s been painting glass for about 15 years.  She was inspired to begin when she saw a pitcher she loved, but couldn’t afford.

No pumpkins for Karen, her Halloween portfolio concentrates elsewhere, like bats, skeletons, spooky eyes and more.  She paints on wine glasses (top & bottom right above), martini glasses (bottom left), tumblers and even coffee cups (top left).  She paints to order, so personalization is easy.  Even so, most orders ship in 1-2 days and are usually shipped priority mail.  Find these items and more Halloween drinkware online at KGD HALLOW.


Christmastree Shops and & That! Stores

Christmas Tree Shops operates over 70 locations, including a few named “& That.”  The stores are mostly in the northeast or southeast including 20 states.  They have a broad selection of home decor and entertaining items, at amazingly low prices.  Most items are sold individually.  They no longer sell on their website as they’re concentrating on sharing new ideas instead.  We like them so much that we’ are still including them in this section.  They’re definitely worth a visit, however you do it.

In the top row, the skull punch bowl on the left and the wine glass being held by a skeleton hand are a great combination for any Halloween party.  If you’re a fan of punch, the ceramic punch bowl on the left in the bottom row holds 100 oz (over 3 quarts), and the cups on the right are the same pattern.  Or you can use disposable punch glasses and keep these cups for coffee.  You can find this Halloween drinkware and more in Christmas Tree Shops and & That! Stores.  You can see them and learn more online at CTS HDRINK.