Hanukkah 2019

The Hanukkah Where To Find It page provides ideas on where to find fun or unusual items that dress up your serving table and make Hanukkah entertaining more fun.  It includes Hanukkah themed serveware, drinkware, dinnerware and decor.

Cool Ways To Celebrate Hanukkah


Pottery Barn

The Sailor blue table runner on the top left is 100% linen and 108” x 16”.  In the center are embroidered Hanukkah napkins.  They match the table runner on the left and are  sold in sets of 4.  The table runner is 85% cotton and 15% linen on the fornt, and the reverse is 100% cotton.  It is 108” x 18”.  On the left in the center row are a set of 12 blue and silver votive holders.  On the right is their Rachel Menorah.  The base is aluminum and it’s 13.5” x 2.5” x 9”.  On the bottom is their new Hanukkah Medallion dinnerware, made of stoneware stoneware with glazed decal finish.  The serving platter on the left is 16.5” diameter.  The serving bowl in the middle is 9.25” x 2.25” and holds about 1.5 quarts.  The salad plates on the right are sold as a set of 4 assorted patterns.  See these and more ways to help celebrate Hanukkah in Pottery Barn stores and online at PB HANUKKAH.

Traditions Jewish Gifts

Traditions Jewish Gifts is the online extension of Traditions Judaica Gifts Store at the Festival Market in Pompano Beach, Florida.  This family-owned business offers one of the largest collections of Jewish gifts in the world.  They have gifts for virtually every occasion, including moving into a new home, wedding and anniversary gifts, and gifts for every Jewish holiday.  The have marvelous selections in every category too.  While their focus is on gifts for others, their inventory is a treasure trove of items you can also use to brighten up your Hanukkah celebrations.  Below you will find just a few of those items.

The serving plates in the top row are glass  Those in the middle row are ceramic, and the bottom row features melamine serving dishes.  Some are sold as sets.

Whether you’re serving cupcakes or cheese cubes, these party picks will make it all more fun.

The top row features a ceramic serving platter (15” x 10”) on the left and 6” plate on the right.  The plates are sold in sets of 4.  The Mah Jongg lunch set of dishes on the left are sold separately, as is the Dreidel dinner plate on the right.  Both are melamine.

The top row features wine stoppers with a polished finish.  The Tree of Life is on the left and a Hora Dancer is on the right.  In the middle their Jerusalem bottle cork is on the left and the Jewish Star is on the right.  Wine glass charms are in the bottom row.

Both sets of string lights above are mini dreidels and menorahs, have timers, are lighted for 6’ of 9’ and are powered by batteries.  The set on the left has 20 LED lights.  The set on the right has 10 lights with a holographic effect.  These are great for accents on mantels, buffets or even just lighting up a dark corner.

Find these Hanukkah serveware, dinnerware, drinkware and décor items in the Traditions Judaica Gifts store or online at TJG SERVE.

They have a very wide selections of menorahs, ranging from traditional, to themed and custom. The menorah on the top left is white enamel with blue glitter inlay and blut cups.  It’s 7” x 9.5”.  The menorah in the middle has anodized aluminum candle cups and is 9.25” x 8”.  On the right, the Tree of Life menorah is 10.5” x 11”. The Desert Miracles menorah is on the left in the bottom row.  It’s made of fused glass and is 9.75” x 5” x 2”.  The blue Crystal Cube Hanukkah menorah is 11” wide.  The Winds of Inspiration glass menorah on the right is 10” x 5”.  Find these menorahs and many, many more in the Traditions Judaica Gifts store or online at TJG MENORAH.

Pier 1

The glittered poinsettia garland on the left is 6’.  The blue glittered Hanukkah poinsettia wreath is 24”.  The blue beaded dreidels come in two sizes, about 3” x 3” and 4” x 4”.  They are covered in beads and dusted in glitter.  See these Hanukkah decorations and more in Pier 1 stores or online at P1 HDÉCOR.