Hanukkah Where To Find It 2018

 The Hanukkah Where To Find It page provides ideas on where to find fun or unusual items that dress up your serving table and make Hanukkah entertaining more fun.  It includes Hanukkah themed serveware, drinkware, dinnerware and decor.

Cool Ways To Celebrate Hanukkah


Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel Hanukkah serveware and decor 2018

Pictured above from left to right are a silver colored menorah napkin ring, Hanukkah salad/appetizer plate & serving platter, and a hand crafted menorah with a silvery finish.  Find these and more Hanukkah items in Crate & Barrel stores and on line at CB HANUKKAH.


Traditions Jewish Gifts

Traditions Jewish Gifts is the online extension of Traditions Judaica Gifts Store at the Festival Market in Pompano Beach, Florida.  This family-owned business offers one of the largest collections of Jewish gifts in the world.  They have gifts for virtually every occasion, including moving into a new home, wedding and anniversary gifts, and gifts for every Jewish holiday.  The have marvelous selections in every category too.  While their focus is on gifts for others, their inventory is a treasure trove of items you can also use to brighten up your Hanukkah celebrations.  Below you will find just a few of those items.

Traditional Jewish Gifts Hunakkah serveware - platters

These are representative of their Hanukkah serveware.  Pictured are two serving platters, one serving tray set and the dreidel serving dish.

Traditions Jewish Gifts ice cubes and picks 2018
On the left above are dreidel re-usable ice cubes and appetizer/cupcake picks.

Traditions Jewish Gifts Jerusalem bottle cork & Jewish Star bottle stopper 2018

On the left is their Jerusalem bottle cork  and on the right is a Jewish Star bottle stopper.  You can find all these serveware items and many, many more in their store or online at TJG SERVE.

Traditions Jewish Gifts menorahs 2018

They have a very wide selection of menorahs, ranging from traditional to themed and custom.  From left to right, the menorah styles are “nature inspired,” “hand crafted,” and “glass.”  Find these menorahs and more in their store or online at TJG MENORAH.


Pottery Barn

Pottery Bary Hanukkah decor and serveware 2018

Pottery Barn covers the Hanukkah basics, including a contemporary menorah, their Hanukkah Celebration hand painted stoneware dinnerware with the dreidel image (includes a round serving platter, latke platter, condiment bowl, soup bowls and salad/appetizer plates), and Cambria blue dinnerware (complete line) that pairs with the Hanukkah dinnerware (middle picture).  Find these and more items to help celebrate Hanukkah in Pottery Barn stores and online at PB HANUKKAH.



At Swoozie’s stores about half the space is devoted to invitations and stationery and half to gifts, many of which can be personalized.  See the WhereTo Find It - Serveware page or SWOOCREW for more information.  While much of their merchandise is traditional, they quite enjoy using humor in every aspect of their merchandise line, sometimes even being outrageous.

Swoozie's Happy Hanukkah platter & Star of David metal dip bowl 2018

Their product pages list items in order of popularity, starting with the most popular.  The Happy Hanukkah serving platter and the Star of David metal dip bowl are among their best-selling Hanukkah items.

Swoozie's Hanukkah stimless wine glass & beverage napkin 2018

The stemless wine glass and matching beverage napkins are new this year and great examples of their love of fun.

Find these Hanukkah items in Swoozie’s stores and online at SW HANUKKAH.


Pier 1

Pier 1 menorah wine glasses Hanukkah 2018

Set a beautiful table for your Hanukkah party with these beautiful, new hand blown and hand painted menorah wine glasses .

Pier 1 Hanukkah decor 2018

On the left above is a five foot beaded Hanukkah garland.  On the right is a beaded blue dreidel.  The dreidel is available in two sizes, about 3” x 3” x 6” and 4” x 4” x 8”.  There’s also a touch of glitter, just to brighten things a bit more.  Beaded dreidels are also available in silver and gold.

The Star of David taper candles on the left above  are 12” are made of paraffin and each burns about 1.5 hours.  They’re sold only in pairs.  The Hanukkah nutcracker on the right is 14” tall and is holding a menorah and dreidel.  It includes a lever on the back to make his mouth open and close.  It’s available online only. 

Find these Hanukkah items in Pier 1 stores or online at P1 HANUKKAH.


Party City

Party City has disposable plastic serveware for Hanukkah in the patterns above.  The square Latke platter in the top row on the left is 10” x 10”.  The oval platter in the middle is17.5” x 6.5”, and the Happy Hanukkah platter on the right is 9” x 12”. The oval platter on the left in the lower row is 18” x 11”.  The serving bowl in the center is 10” x 4”.  The Happy Hanukkah cups are sold in packages of 30 only.

Both the wine glass sets above are made of glass.  The Star of David wine goblets on the left hold 18 ounces and are priced at $12.99/pair.  The stemless wine glasses on the left hold 16 ounces  and are priced at $12.99 for a set of four. 

Party City has two types of Hanukkah lights.  The lights on the left are LED string lights.  The string is 5.25’ and includes 10 lights.  Batteries are required but not provided.  The lights on the right are electric on a 9’ string.  They have end to end plugs.  Both sets are priced at $14.95.

The confetti on the left above will reinforce the holiday theme sprinkled on your serving table.  The centerpiece in the middle can be used as a centerpiece or to decorate a side table.  The block sign on the right is 7.5” x 7.5” x 2” will fit on mantles and most tables.  It’s message reinforces the togetherness that comes with celebrating the holiday.

Find these Hanukkah items in Party City stores or online at PC HANUKKAH.