Party Essentials Checklists

The lists below cover items likely to be needed for a party.  The first list covers basic serveware, decorations, and supplies.  The second list covers basic food and beverage items.  The items you will actually need will be determined by the type of party, the menu you have in mind, the number of guests expected, and your budget.  Ignore, or cross out those that don’t fit, or change the items to things you need that aren’t on the list. 

Unless you already have a very specific image of the party, start with general items like decorations, and as you firm up your plans, revise the checklists to be more specific.  This approach helps as you gather the various items needed.  It allows you to go from “napkins” to “tiki party cocktail napkins.”  It also allows you to track your progress in accumulating the things you need for the party. 

Once you decide on a menu, it’s a good idea to create a similar list for the ingredients for food you will prepare, or purchase, and beverages you will serve.  The same approach is handy if several people are bringing food and/or beverages.  Checklists will help save your sanity as the party draws closer.

Minimize the “party host what have I forgotten stress.”  Print this page.  Adjust it to work for your party.  Take it with you when you shop.  Keep it handy as you set up for the party.  And have a great time at the party!