Recipes - Introduction


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The recipe pages in this section feature our mixes used in ways described in the product pages, but with more details.  Here you’ll really see the versatility of our mixes, like using the dessert mixes to flavor bread pudding, with recipes that even include mix-ins.  Or recipes that upgrade basic dips like our Artichoke Dip to appetizers like Artichoke & Spinach Baked Stuffed Mushrooms, a very popular appetizer.

 We provide directions on the MULTI-MIX RECIPES page for dishes like baked dips, or bread pudding that can be used for several mixes.  In addition to the basic recipes for each dish on this page, we also offer suggestions on how to further enhance mix recipes.  For example, apricots and almonds are complimentary add-ins for White Chocolate Amaretto Bread Pudding.   Chocolate chips or pecans are each delicious add-ins for Pumpkin Bread Pudding.

Recipes on all other pages are specific to individual mixes, but separated into pages by how the prepared mix is used (Appetizers, Soups, etc.).  For example, The APPETIZER page includes a recipe for Jamaican Orange Crab Balls.

We provide several serving ideas on each product page and labels, like using our mousses to fill cannoli shells, or serving dip or salad in baked wonton wrappers.  Some things like baked wonton wrappers are fairly simple, but we need a good recipe.  We’ve included a recipe for Baked Wonton Wrappers and a few other easy-to-make items on the MAKE FROM SCRATCH page. 

Most of us lack either the skill or time to make things like our own cannoli shells, so we include suggestions for where they can be bought on the READY MADE INGREDIENTS page in the Where to Find It menu. 

These recipes introduce delicious flavor fusions and new ways to use familiar products.  All recipes are easy enough that even beginners will be able to be successful.  We hope you find a few that make you the star of your next family dinner, pot luck event or party.



Multi-Mix Dishes

Glazed Meatballs, Hot Dips, Stuffed Mushrooms, Vinaigrette Dressing, Hummus, Freezer Pie/Frozen Mousse, Bread Pudding, Ice Cream (No Cooking, Chocolate, Sandwich), Drinking Chocolate

Mix Specific Recipes Pages


Shrimp & Melon Canapés with Rio Grande Dipping Sauce, Wasabi Ginger Goat Cheese Canapés, Jamaican Orange Crab Balls, Venetian Kalamata Olive & Fig Tapenade, Rio Grande Refried Black Bean Dip, Ginger Sesame Asian Layered Dip, Wasabi Lemon Edamame Hummus


Fire Roasted Corn Salsa, Caramel Apple Salsa, Cranberry Salsa, Watermelon Salsa, Mixed Fruit Salsa


Lemon Pesto Potato Salad, Spicy Mango Shrimp & Melon Salad, Queen of Sheba Black Eyed Pea Salad, Madras Mediterranean Pasta Salad, Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad with Bombay Vinaigrette


Lemon Pesto Soup, Rio Grande Soup


Chocolate Hazelnut Rocky Road Mouse Pie, Raspberry Chocolate Mixed Berry Tart

Make from Scratch

Cream Puffs, Crab Cakes, Baked Wonton Wrappers, Graham Cracker Crust