Serveware 2019 Winter-Spring

The WHERE TO FIND IT - SERVEWARE page provides ideas on where to find interesting and hard to find items that dress up your serving table and make entertaining more fun, whether for elegant or casual occasions.
Contents change with the seasons.

Cool Ways To Serve Food


Black or Red Individual Serving Spoons (Asian Soup Spoons)

Find these black spoons and others at World Market Stores or online at BLACK SPOONS.

Find red spoons and spoons in other colors online at WEB RESTAIRANT STORE.


Serving Plates, Bowls, Spreaders & Appetizer Picks


Crate & Barrel

Crate and Barrel has put together several serveware collections.  Top row on the right is their Slate collection.  To its left is their Modular (porcelain) collection.  On the bottom left is their Cambridge collection which includes stands and porcelain plates (plates not included for the 3 tier stand).  On the right is the Tondo albiza wood collection.  There is no finger food that can’t be accommodated (and beautifully highlighted) with these collections.  All items are sold separately.  Find these and more serveware collections in stores or online at CB COLLECTIONS.

The dark blue Marin oval platters (15.75 & 20”) in the top row on the left are glazed stoneware, made in Portugal.  The platters are available in eight Mediterranean colors.  The Francesca floral pattern platter on the right is earthenware and 12.75” diameter.  Both serving bowls on the bottom are from the Marin collection.  Two shades of blue are shown for comparison (aqua on the left, blue on the right),   The bowl on the left is their basic serving bowl (10.25” diameter) comes in all colors and on the right is their large serving bowl (13 x 4.5” high) which comes in only 5 colors.  For these and more serveware visit Crate & Barrel stores or find them online at CB SERVE.


World Market

World Market grew from a San Francisco businessman selling imported hand-woven wicker from one of the city’s piers in the 1950s to over 259 stores nationwide today.  They specialize in original and handmade items from around the world sold at great prices in their stores and online.

The Black and White Swirl Trilogy serveware on the top right is stoneware.  The platter is 18” x 10”.  Salad plates are also available in this pattern and are sold in sets of 4.  The terracotta fish shaped platter on the right has a painted finish and is about 16”  x 5”.  On the left in the bottom row is the Bombay Appetizer & Serveware stoneware collection.  The platters are 14” x 8” and 13” x 5”.  Appetizer plates are sold in sets of 4.(square or round).  On the right is the Multicolor Enamel (mango) wood serving bowl.  These bowls are 11” x 4.75” and available in light blue, indigo blue and white, white, and tropical colors.  Matching individual salad bowls are also available.

World Market has one of the largest, and most affordable, offerings of white and glass serveware.  The rimmed platters on the top left are porcelain and 14.75” x 8.25” and 11.25” x 6.25”.  Their white porcelain tasting collection pieces are sold in sets of 6 online (individually in store) and the tasting platters (14” x 6.5”) are sold individually.  The square glass bowl on the bottom left is also available in 3”, and both are part of a collection that includes dinner and salad plates.  The trifle bowl on the right is about 9” high and 8.25” diameter (holds 3 quarts).  Individual trifle bowls are also available, sold individually in store and sets of 4 online.

Find these and more serveware in World Market stores or online at WM SERVE.


Pottery Barn

The colored serving platter and bowls shown above are from PB’s Cambria collection of stoneware with hand finished sprayed glaze.  Colors include red, stone, celadon, turquoise, cobalt and gray.  The serving platter on the top left is 16” x 11” x 1”.  The serving bowls on the left in the bottom row include all the available colors, are oval and each holds about 3 quarts.  The footed serving bowl on the bottom right holds about 1.25 gallons and also comes in all colors.  The oval platters on the top right are from PB’s Great White collection.  They range from16.5” x 13” x 1.5” down to 15.5” long.  Rectangular platters are not pictured but also available (17” x 12” and 14.5” x 9.5”).

The top row above features soup tureens.  The Great White high-fired glazed porcelain tureen is on the left.  It is 12” x 9” and holds 3 quarts.  On the left is the Healdsburg tureen, made of stoneware with a glazed finish.  It is 11.5” x 9.5” x 7”.  The Hearldsburg collection includes only serveware, designed to work with most any dinnerware.  The bottom row features salt and pepper serveware.  On the left is the very contemporary white marble bowl set on a mango wood stand, with stainless steel antique-pewter finished spoons.  On the right is a steam train engine based holder with shakers.  It’s made of zinc alloy with a plated antique nickel finish.  There’s no reason to settle for ordinary salt and pepper serveware at Pottery Barn.

Find these serveware pieces and more in Pottery Barn stores or online at PB SERVE.


Pier 1

The top row features serving platters.  From the left are the Party Cats platter (14” x 8”) made of ironstone.  This pattern also includes salad plates sold in sets of 4.  In the middle is the Sea Glass colored melamine platter (20” x 7.5” x 2”).  On the right is the “We The People” porcelain platter (15” x 9.5” x 1”.  The bottom row features serving bowls.  The 12” diameter Peacock glass serving bowl on the left is exquisite and has an accompanying platter.  The Chateau Claire stoneware covered serving bowl in the center is hand painted stoneware (12” x 9” x 5”).  The beautiful bowl on the right is made of teak and blue resin.  It is hand crafted, 11.5 diameter x 3” high and intended for dry food only.

On the left above is a galvanized wagon server.  Overall dimensions are 20” x 9.75” x 6”.  In the center are a mango wood bowl (13.5” x 3”) and pedestal server (11.25” x 3”).  They are both hand crafted.  On the right is  a 15” diameter lazy susan made of acacia wood and turquoise resin.

Find these serveware pieces in Pier 1 stores or online at P1 SERVE. is essentially a business that provides party planning help and all kinds of  party goods to make your parties more fun.  While they have a warehouse in Nashville, TN, they only sell online.  They provide support for a large number of party themes. has a large number of appetizer spreaders, including some that are hard to find.  All are new.  Typically they have resin decorative handles and stainless steel blades; spreaders are about 5” with 2.5” blades and handles.  Above are some, but not all of their spreaders.  Most of those that are sold 4 to a set are priced between $11.90 and $12.90 for the set.  Those that are sold individually are generally $3.50 each.   Find these and more spreaders at PSW SPREAD.


Pick On Us

This company that’s been around for 25 years specializes in “eco-friendly tableware & presentation solutions for those who want to present their cuisine with functional elegance.”  While they primarily serve the luxury hospitality sector, they also sell online in quantities small and affordable enough that anyone hosting a party can likely take advantage of their offering.  They sell only products made of bamboo, which is actually re-harvested and grows back after each cutting.  Bamboo has too many other features that make it amazingly eco-friendly to list here, but if you’d like to know more, you can find that info at WHY BAMBOO IS BETTER.

You can find bamboo picks almost everywhere that picks are sold, but most are fairly limited to paddle or knotted bamboo shapes.  Pick On Us has those, and more.

On the left in the top row are beaded picks (available in 15 colors).  On the right are bamboo Metallic Diamond picks (available in gold or silver).  The Music pick is on the left in the middle row, and the Lucky Horseshow pick is on the right.  The bamboo Horse Racing pick in the bottom row is shown as both an appetizer pick and drink stirrer (all picks shown above can be used both ways).  All picks above are 4.75”.   Prices range from $5.50 to $9.00 per 100 picks.  Where there are color options, all 100 must be the same color.  Find these and more unique picks at PICKS APPETIZER.

They also carry several kinds of tasting serveware.  The top row features tasting spoons.  Sugarcane tasting spoons (4” x 2”) are on the left.  Reusable bamboo tasting spoons, available in 4”, 5” or 6”,  are on the right.  The middle row includes bamboo tasting cones (available in 3.25” deep by 1.5” diameter, 5” x 2” and 7” x 3” sizes) on the left and bamboo tasting boats (available in 5” and 7” sizes) on the right.  Their web prices are $10 for 30 the sugarcane spoons, $40 for 100 reusable bamboo spoons, $6.00 for 60 and $10.00 5” cones or for 50 5” boats.

Black Bamboo Mini Tasters are shown above.  From left to right are the 2.5” round dishes, the 7 x 2.25” Tripple Server and 4” teardrop spoons.  3.5” mini spoons are also available.  Minimum purchase is 50 for each.  Prices range from $25.00 to $45.50 for a 50 count.

Find these and more bamboo picks, tasting cones & spoons, serving dishes and photography with beautiful serving ideas online at PICKS TASTING.