St. Patrick's Day Where To Find It 2019

St. Patrick’s Day in the U.S. is the occasion for parades and serious partying since, on this day, everyone is Irish.  The WHERE TO FIND IT - ST. PATRICK’S DAY page offers ideas for how to augment whatever tableware or decorations you have, or get you started on your own very St. Patrick’s Day party with themed serveware, glasses, linen and  décor.  Prices, where they are provided, are subject to change without notice.
Contents change with the seasons.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, time to get your green on.  Enjoy!

The tray (8”ceramic) and bowl (4.7” diameter, hand painted) in the top row are made in Ireland.  On the left in the middle row is a set of 4 stoneware dinner plates.  The pattern is also available in salad plates and a 13” x 10” platter.  While the 8” plate on the left is porcelain, the pricing makes it most likely to be placed on a stand and used for decorative purposes.  The bottom row features a mixed set of beverage napkins on the left and a set of 4 shamrock spreaders on the right.  While we have seen the spreaders in several stores and online in the past, this is the only place we found them this year.

The dishware can be found online at DISH.  The napkins can be found at BEVERAGE.  The spreaders can be found at SPREADERS.

Both tablecloths above are made of polyester.  The one on the left is available in 52” x 70”.  The one on the right is 60” x 120”.  The table runner on the right is 70” x 13” and double sided polyester. has a wide selection of table runners.

The top row features St. Pat’s pillow covers.  These are just a few of those offered on  The bottom row features a 40” x 60” velvet throw on the left and The Leprechaun Express, a resin train (12.5” long and 5.75”gh) set on the right.

The table linen, pillows, blanket and train can be found at DÉCOR.

The garden flags are 12” x 18”, made of linin.  They are weather and  fade resistant.  Stands are not included.  These and many more St. Patrick’s garden flags may be found at FLAG.

With the exception of the shamrock spreaders, all items shown here have either no charge shipping or are no charge through Amazon Prime.



This is the store for Karen Sabatello’s Arte & Vita (Art & Life) business.  Karen is a self taught artist who has been enthralled by decorative painting since childhood.  She says that giving something old new life gives them even more character.  She’s been painting for over 25 years, focusing on topics that reflect her interests and passions.  Her hand painted glasses, candle holders   and vases are among the most beautiful we have seen.  She is also happy to personalize her art.

The wine glasses on the left are 9 oz are sold in sets of 4.  The 20 oz wine glasses in the middle and the 24 oz  beer mug on the right are sold individually.  All feature shamrocks. The 9 oz wine glass sets are shown with tinted shamrocks, but are also available with green shamrocks.  The 20 oz wine glasses and beer mugs are available only as shown.  The 20 oz wine glasses feature green shamrocks and the beer mug features tinted shamrocks.  Find this beautiful St. Patrick’s drinkware online at ARTEEVITA.


Pier 1

Green brass shamrock napkin holders are shown with a white napkin on the right in the top row.  On the left is a cotton St. Pat’s tablecloth, available in 52” square or 60” x 84”.  The bottom row features  table runners.  All are 70” x 14” and are made of cotton.  Find this table linen and more décor items  in Pier 1 stores or online at LINEN.


Christmas Tree Shops and & That! Stores

Christmas Tree Shops operates over 70 locations, including a few named “& That.”  The stores are mostly in the northeast or southeast, but their website,, makes their offerings available to everyone.  They have a broad selection of home decor and entertaining items, at amazingly low prices.  They’re definitely worth a visit, however you do it.  In their stores, this retailer sells most everything individually.  On line décor items are also sold individually unless otherwise noted.

The placemats on the left in the top row are 15” diameter and made of polyester.  The placemats in the center and on the right  have  65% polyester/35% cotton faces and 100% polyester backs.  The table runners on the left and in the middle are 72” x 13”.  Their faces are 80% polyester/20% linen and the backs are 80% polyester/20% cotton.  The table runner on the right is polyester and 70” x 13”.   Find these and more St. Patrick’s table linen, decorations and décor in Christmas Tree Shops and & That! Stores or online at DÉCOR.


Party City

The top row above includes appetizer picks on the right and combination cupcake wrappers and picks on the left.  The price on the cobo is low enough that  it’s worth buying just for the picks.  The bottom row features plastic serveware, from the left, a 13.5” platter, a 9” bowl and a 14” tray.  We found what appears to be the same bowl on other online sites for as much as $12 (priced at $1.99 here).

Plastic drink stirrers (7.5” tall) are on the left in the top row.  On the right are 2 oz shot glasses sold in sets of 4.  These glasses are 4” tall.  The bottom row includes a 5” pail on the left, a 15” x 11” galvanized tub in the middle and beverage napkins with the newest St. Patrick’s saying.  The small pail can double as a holder for the stirrers, pretzel rods or celery sticks.

On the left above are glitter shamrock cutouts, nice to spread around your serving table.  On the right is a 19.5” x 11” door banner.

 Find all these St. Patrick’s Day themed items and many more in Party City stores or online at PARTY.


Oriental Trading Company

Oriental Trading Company has an amazing array of party supplies.  They started out using catalogs to sell to teachers, expanded to corporate sales and now sell to everyone online.

Oriental Trading offers several options for St. Patrick’s hats.  The mini hat on the left is glitter, while the one in the center is 10” and plastic.  Both are sold by the dozen.  The shamrock snack cups are 3.5” x 2.5” and also sold in a package of 25.  We found what appear to be the same cups sold elsewhere online for prices 20% or more higher.  The garden flag on the left is 13” x 18” and the price includes 3 lines of personalization.  The flag on the right is 24” x 38”.  Find these items and more St. Patrick’s Day themed decorations and disposable tableware online at DECORATIONS.


Decorating with Lights


Before electricity candles were strictly for light.  Thankfully candles can now be used to create ambience.  Green taper candles in brass or silver candle holders are staples of traditional St. Patrick's Day décor.  Pillar candles on chargers are more recent, as are floating and votive candles and tea lights.  Now technology has brought us micro string lights, “flameless” candles, floating tea candles and submersible lighting at prices that are affordable.  These are fairly new, and most sellers are focusing photography on the lights themselves.  See below and our DECORATING WITH LIGHTS board on Pinterest® for some examples of how string lights and the various new kinds of “candles” can be used.

ArteeVita & Pier 1

On the left above are 4” x 4” frosted glass, flared candle holders from ArteeVita.  They are sold individually and are available in either green shamrock (left) or tinted shamrock (right).  On the right are shamrock glimmer lights from Pier 1.  The strings are 5’ and include 15 LED lights.  They are battery operated (2 AA batteries are not included).  The candle holders can be found online at ARTEEVITA.  The glimmer lights can be found in Pier 1 stores or online at PIER 1.


Party City

The string lights on the left are 70” (54” lighted) and have 10 LED lights.  They are battery operated (batteries included).  Those on the right are 5.5’ (4.5’ lighted) and have 10 LED lights.  Lights are 1.75” wide by 1.5” tall and are not battery operated.  Both sets are currently available only in Party City stores.

Amazon has a variety of lighting options with the St. Patrick’s theme.  On the left are 1.25” diameter light in a string of 20 lights.  They are corded electric and for indoor or outdoor use.  In the center is a set of 10’ 40 LED 4 leaf clover string lights.  The set includes a remote, timer, dimmer and can flicker. The set uses 3 AAA batteries (not included) which should last about 30 hours.  On the right is a 33’ string of 100 LED lights.  This set is corded electric and adapters are included.  Find these and much more St. Patrick’s Day themed lighting online at LIGHTS.