Serveware Summer 2018

The WHERE TO FIND IT - SERVEWARE page provides ideas on where to find interesting and hard to find items that dress up your serving table and make entertaining more fun, whether for elegant or casual occasions. 
Contents change with the seasons.



Cool Ways To Serve Food


Black or Red Individual Serving Spoons (Asian Soup Spoons)

Find these black spoons and others at World Market Stores or online at BLACK SPOONS.

Find red spoons and spoons in other colors online at MRS. LIN’S KITCHEN.

Serving Plates, Bowls, Spreaders & Appetizer Picks


Pier 1

The cactus theme platter and serving bowl on the left are hand painted ceramic (dolomite).  The serving bowl on the far right is ironstone.  All 3 are about 12” in diameter.

These are part of the Fiesta Collection.  The chip & dip dish and serving bowl are Ironstone, while the piñata platter (12/25” x 14” x 1.25”) is made of earthenware.

The Lama dip bowl is made of dolomite and comes with the cactus spreader.  The Lama serving platter on the right is hand-painted earthenware and about 4” x 11.“

Pier 1’s glass serveware is just gorgeous.  The Peacock plater is 12” square and the bowl’s diameter  is just over 11”.  The Tree glass platter is 13” x 1” and the hand-painted Tropical Leaves bowl is also just over 11” in diameter.

The serving platter on the far left is luminous porcelain (12” x 6”).  Next to it the platter with scalloped edges is glazed white ceramic (dolomite) and about 17” x 11”.  Pier 1 always seems to have a nice variety of “animal/sea life” serveware.  From left to right are their Butterfly Field Notes glazed earthenware serving platter (about 11” x 5”), Sea Life Critters dolomite fish platter (about 12” x 10”) and Feisty Furries Buttercup Giraffe ironstone serving platter (about 14” x 6”).

The Magnolia glazed ironstone platter is part of their Magnolia Collection.  The flower petal 3 tier server is ceramic.  The Succulent glass serving bowl is about 11” in diameter and hand painted.

The fish dip bowls come in a set of 3 and are made of dolomite.  The rowboat dip set is also dolomite while the paddle is acacia.

Pier1’s melamine offering is extensive, and diverse.

From left to right, we have Spikey the Seahorse chip & dip plate, from their Camelo Collection, a serving platter (about 18” x 13”), serving dish (about 14” diameter) and a dip bowl (available in more colors), and the Homestead Floral serving bowl set, all melamine.

The tray (about 18 x 12”) on the left, serving bowl (about 14” x 8”) center, and platter (about 17” x 8”) on the right above are part of the Shorebirds (melamine) Collection.

The Speedy the Turtle serving bowl on the left is part of the Speedy & Friends (melamine) collection.  The Tropical Leaf serving platter (about 19” x 17”) in the center, and Flamingo serving bowl (about 14” x 11”) on the right work well with a variety of melamine dinnerware.

Find these and more serveware at Pier 1 stores or online at P1SERVE.

Crate & Barrel

The Fish platters on the left are made in Portugal of glazed stoneware.  The deep orange oval  platters are glazed ceramic and available in 10 other colors.  The Italian made clear glass serving bowls with the feel of waves come in a set with 3 sizes.  The center casserole bowl is stoneware and goes from oven to table and comes with a wood stand.  It’s also available in “chip dip” size.  The serving bowl at the far right is just over 10” diameter is part of the Marin Collection and comes in 10 more colors.

Crate & Barrel has a good selection of interesting wood serveware, including the mango wook and olive wood serving “platters” on the left.  Pieces from the Tondo Collection of albiza wood with a lacquer finish are on the bottom.

On the left is a modular porcelain chip & dip set.  The base is about 13” x 14”, the dip bowl is almost 7” in diameter and the 4 “chip” bowls are about 6.5”.  On the right are tall and short Bitty Bite glasses, perfect for tasting size appetizers, salads or desserts.

Icy green tented plastic bowls rest on ice to keep food cold and away from water.  Crate & Barrel calls this their Serve On Ice Collection, which includes a dip/chip bowl, drink dispenser and divided server.

The Botanical Flower melamine serving platter (17.75” x 7.5”) and serving bowl (12” x 14”) are part of the Alfresco Melamine Collection (see Dinnerware for more info).

Find the platters, serving bowls and serveware at CB SERVE.

Pottery Barn

Serveware from the Sophia Collection is on the left.  It includes a “skinny” serving platter (about 20” x 6.5”), a triple condiment serving bowl (about 15” x 7.5”) and tidbit bowl.  They are glazed stoneware with white crackle glaze, and hand finished.  In the middle is a turquoise Cambria glazed stoneware serving platter.  It is part of a dinnerware collection that includes serving bowls and is also available in 5 more colors.  On the right is the Puebla Collection, made in Mexico, hand painted and glazed, of vitrified porcelain.   The serveware includes a “skinny” platter (about 14” x 6”) and 2 oval platters (about 15” x 11” and 12” x 9”).

Pottery Barn has a good assortment of classic serveware.  On the left above is hand-crafted acacia wood serveware including a rectangular and round serving platters (about 17” x 11” and 16” diameter).  Serving bowls and a serving set with galvanized metal handles are also available.  In the center are a rectangular serving platter and serving bowl from their Gabriella Collection of glazed stoneware hand made in Portugal.  The platter is about 18” x 14” and the bowl is 12” in diameter and 3” deep.  The white glazed porcelain soup tureen on the far right coordinates with their Great White Collection.

Sea themed appetizer serveware is shown above.  On the left is the Seashore Nautilus chip and dip set, hand made of glazed stoneware (about 15: x 14”).  The bowl holds about 7 ounces.  On the right is a set of 4 fish mini bowls (about 5’ x 6“ x 1.75”).

Pictured above are two collections of melamine serveware.  On the left are the Del Sol Collection, including  an oval platter (about 20” x 11”), chip & dip bowls, and a triple condiment server (about 18” x 6” x 2”).  This collection also includes dinnerware.  On the right are Leaf melamine platters, including the Banana Leaf oval platter (about 10” x 11”), the Philodendron Leaf platter (about 16” x 15”) and the Coconut Leaf platter  (about 26” x 5”).

Find these serveware pieces in Pottery Barn stores and online at PBSERVE.

Christmas Tree Shops & That stores

Christmas Tree Shops operates over 70 locations, including a few named “& That.”  The stores are mostly in the northeast or southeast, but their website,, makes their offerings available to everyone.  They have a broad selection of home decor and entertaining items, at amazingly low prices.  They’re definitely worth a visit, however you do it.  In their stores, this retailer sells most everything individually.  On line most everything but serveware is sold in sets of 4.

Christmas Tree Shops and & That stores carry a good assortment of hand-made ceramic pottery made in Poland.  Two of their patterns are shown above,   The Peacock pattern is on top and includes from left to right a square serving dish (8.5” x 3.5” deep), an oval vegetable bowl (about 11” x 6” x 2”) and a footed serving bowl about 7” x 3” deep).  The Floral pattern on the bottom. Includes a serving tray (about 13” x 10”), a gravy boat and a square serving bowl (about 9” x 3” deep).  Both patterns have additional pieces, and there are more patterns, and most also have dinnerware in their collections. 

The ceramic serveware is part of the Coastal Collection.  From left to right are the Coastal Scene platter, the Palm Leaf platter (both about 14” x 19”) and the Blue Crab & Lobster platter (about 1” x 13”).  On the right is the matching serving bowl.  The Blue Crab & Lobster pattern dishes are made in Italy.

The serving platters and bowls above represent 3 additional styles.  On the left are the Aubias ceramic rectangular platter (about 13” x 7”) and scalloped serving bowl (about 10” x 13”).  On the right are the Blue Echinus hand painted glass platter (about  16” diameter) and serving bowl (about 11” x 6” deep).  In the lower row are a bamboo chip & dip set and serving bowl (about 12” x 4.5” deep) with utensils (13”).

Christmas Tree Shops and & That stores have some beautiful glass serveware.  From left to right in the top picture are the Peacock Collection.  It includes platters (10” x 13” shown and 6” x 16” oval) and tidbit bowls.  The Mermaid Collection (right) includes glass platters (about 16” x 6” and 10” x 13”) and tidbit bowls.  It also includes a tin tray (about 20” x 15”.  The bottom pictures are of the Tropical Fun Collection, which includes two rectangular platters (about 10” x 13” and 6” x 16”), and square tidbit bowls.  Tidbit bowls in both collections come in 4 individual patterns are about 5” by 1.5” deep. 

On the left above, the ceramic Starfish Serveware Collection incudes an 18” fish-shaped platter, 16” starfish rectangular  and round platters, a 12.75” square platter and 8” starfish cooler.  Each piece is available in 4 colors.  Dinner plates are available in turquoise and blue.  Whale tidbit plates are on the right (about 7” x 3”, 3 ounce capacity).  They are sold online in a set of 3, but individually in the stores.

These stores offer a wide assortment of ceramic tidbit bowls and plates.  They are sold in sets of 4 (different colors) online, but individually in stores.

Christmas Tree Shops and & That stores have an extensive offering of melamine, including serving platters and dishes.  The top picture includes two patterns from the Coastal Collection, Seascapes Blue Palm Leaves ( oval platter about 14” x 19” and tray about 6” x 14”) and Costal Chip & Dip Plate  (about 15” diameter) and serving tray (about 20” x 15”).   The bottom picture includes serveware from the two patterns in the Gypsy Collection, paisley and floral.  The serving bowls are about 14” x 3” deep, and the serving trays are about 20” x  15” x 2”.  Both patterns include chip and dip platters and dinnerware.


This inflatable salad bar buffet is made of vinyl.  It measures 51” x 21” x 5” inflated and is one of the least expensive we’ve seen.

Find this serveware and more in Christmas Tree Shops and & That stores or online at CTS SERVE.

World Market

World Market grew from a San Francisco businessman selling imported hand-woven wicker from one of the city’s piers in the 1950s to over 259 stores nationwide today.  They specialize in original and handmade items from around the world sold at great prices in their stores and online.

On the left above is a 15” oval serving platter, part of the Indigo Reactive Glaze Stoneware Collection.  The collections also includes a serving bowl.  To the right are blue Peacock Terracotta Reactive Glaze Tapas bowls with tray.  The tray is about 4” x 13” and each bowl holds about 13 ounces.  This set is hand-crafted in Spain.

On the left is a terracotta and wood fish four piece appetizer set.  The tray is about 16” x 5”.  In the center is the Italian Sealife round serving platter ( about 14” diameter).  There is also a serving bowl in this pattern (about 15” diameter).  A terracotta Fish earthenware serving platter (about 16” x 5”) is on the right.

The  enamel and wood serving bowl and utensils above are sold as a set and work with many of World Market’s dinnerware patterns.

Clear glass and white serveware work by themselves to show off whatever you’re serving, or with most any other kind of serveware or dinnerware.  On the left is a tasting bowl (4” square).  In the center are rectangular white porcelain platters (about 8” x 15” and 6: x 11”).  On the right is an individual trifle bowl; full size trifle bowls are also available.

The Tropical enamel and mango wood serving bowl and platter are sold individually.  The jade color glass cake stands come in two sizes (about 12.5” x 7” and 8” x 4”).  These are not just for cakes.  They make lovely displays for cupcakes and tasting size appetizers or desserts.

On the left above is a Sheesham wood Charcuterie cutting/serving board (about 8” x 19”). In the middle is a slate cheese board (about 18” x 12”).  On the right are serving bowls made from natural wood in Thailand.  Shapes and sizes vary, but each set has bowls about 12” x 15”, 7” x 9” and 3.5” x 5” high.

See all these serveware items and more in World Market stores or online at WM SERVE.

Pick On Us

This company that’s been around for 25 years specializes in “eco-friendly tableware & presentation solutions for those who want to present their cuisine with functional elegance.”  While they primarily serve the luxury hospitality sector, they also sell online in quantities small and affordable enough that anyone hosting a party can likely take advantage of their offering.  They sell only products made of bamboo, which is actually re-harvested and grows back after each cutting.  Bamboo has too many other features that make it amazingly eco-friendly to list here, but if you’d like to know more, you can find that info at WHY BAMBOO IS BETTER.

You can find bamboo picks almost everywhere that picks are sold, but most are fairly limited to paddle  or knotted bamboo shapes.  Pick On Us has those, and more.

Above are examples of three of their sandwich picks (tapered picks, stars and boat oar picks with colored ties. (choose from 5 colors for ties).  Sandwich pick prices on the website range from $4/100 to $8.75/100.

They have most sports covered.  Examples above from left to right are baseball, flags (nautical) and football picks, all 4.75”.    Web prices range generally from $7 for 100 to $9 for 100.  These six are only a fraction of the interesting pics offered.

They also carry several kinds of tasting serveware.  From left to right above are sugarcane tasting spoons (4” x 2”), bamboo tasting cones (available in 3.25” deep by 1.5” diameter, 5” x 2” and 7” x 3” sizes) and bamboo tasting boats (available in 5” and 7” sizes).  Their web prices are $10 for 30 spoons, $6.00 for 60 and $10.00 for 50 5” boats.

Shown above the Black Bamboo Mini Tasters.  From left to right are the 2.5” round dishes, the 7 x 2.25” Tripple Server and 4” teardrop spoons.  3.5” mini spoons are also available.

Find these and more bamboo picks, tasting cones & spoons, serving dishes and photography with beautiful serving ideas online at PICKS. is essentially a business that provides party planning help and all kinds of  party goods to make your parties more fun.  While they have a warehouse in Nashville, TN, they only sell online.  They provide support for a large number of party themes.


The retro style glass serving dishes above (about 6” x 4”) are available for beach, lake, road trip (top row), and in 2 camping versions (lower row).


On the left is an 8” square glass Fish serving platter.  On the right are a hand painted ceramic toothpick holder and tray (tray is about 12” x 3”).

The serveware above is melamine.  From left to right are a 6” flamingo serving bowl, a 9.75” leaf plate, a 10” turtle platter and a 15” cactus platter. has a large number of appetizer spreaders, including some that are hard to find.  All are new.  Typically they have resin decorative handles and stainless steel blades; spreaders are about 5” with 2.5” blades and handles.  Following are some, but not all of their spreaders.

Most of those that are sold 4 to a set are priced between $11.90 and $12.90 for the set.  Those that are sold individually are generally $3.50 each. 

Party forks are pretty hard to find. From left to right above are cheese themed forks, cowboy/western and mermaid themed forks, all with bases.

They also offer a good selection of appetizer picks in hard to find themes.  Most are sold in packages of 100 for $3.50 per package.

Find these kinds of serveware and more at SWIZZLE SERVE.

You can also find a wide selection of appetizer/cheese spreaders on at and and some on  While they do have spreaders that are new, they also have “gently used” spreaders that may be really hard to find.  While some spreaders are widely available, we’re featuring spreaders from these three sources that we think are interesting and didn’t notice elsewhere.  You may find the same item offered by multiple sellers, so check the condition, compare the selling and shipping prices to find what best suits your needs.  The quickest way to find all the sellers of your choice is to go to the links we provide and search again for the specific spreader by its name. 


Find these spreaders and more online at AMAZON SPREADERS.

Find these spreaders and more online at ESTY SPREADERS.

Find these spreaders and spreader/base sets online at EBAY SPREADERS.

Oriental Trading Company

Oriental Trading Company has an amazing array of party supplies.  They started out using catalogs to sell to teachers, expanded to corporate sales and now sell to everyone online.

Some of their more unusual party picks are shown here, including some that come with cupcake wrappers (no need to use the wrappers if the picks are just what you need).  Find these and more party picks at OTC PICKS.



The Zombie punch bowl on the left is made of plastic, holds 2.25 gallons and is about 8” tall and 32” circumference.  The sail boat serving tray to the right is made of wood and is about 18” x 9” x 5”.  On the far left are two leaf theme serving dishes.    The first trays are plastic palm leaf dishes, about 12”.  They are sold per dozen.  The farthest right dish is a ceramic banana leaf dish (about 5.5” x 14”).  It is sold in sets of 3.

Don’t wait for Cinco de Mayo to use these colorful plastic taco holders on the left above.  Each holds 3 tacos.  You can set them out with filled tacos or use them to hold the shells while guest fill their own tacos. They’re sold 4 to a set.  On the right are plastic shell plates (about 8.5”).  They are sold by the dozen and great for food items too heavy or wet for paper plates.  Find everything from the punch bowl to the shell plates at OTC SERVE.

Party City

Party City stores have a good selection of paper and plastic serving dishes and utensils in basic colors and many themes.  They sell all of it online, and in addition have party ideas.  We’ve chosen their nautical theme to demonstrate their offering.

See Party City stores or PC NAUTICAL for more details about this theme, or PC ALL for information on all their themes.

If you’re thinking of a tasting party, but don’t want to make the investment for all the various types of dishes you might need, Party City has an extensive selection of disposable tasting party dishes.  See Party City stores or PC TASTING for more information and ideas.