How To Use The "Where To Find It" Pages

Serveware, drinkware, dinnerware, decorations


The WERE TO FIND IT pages  provide ideas on where to find interesting and hard to find items that dress up your serving table and make parties more fun, whether they’re elegant or casual occasions, for major seasons and holidays.  There is also a Where To Find It page devoted to Ready Made Ingredients.  You will find numerous links to both types of pages as you go though the website and shopping cart.  We find a fair number of things we just can’t live without ourselves, and frequently incorporate them in our photography or serving suggestions.

The Ready Made Ingredients page will always be listed separately in the main WHERE TO FIND IT menu.  We’ve divided the other pages into seasonal or holiday groups, like Summer or Thanksgiving.  Within the seasonal Where To Find It groups with a large amount of engaging items, like Christmas, we sort them into pages based on how they are used:  Serveware, Drinkware, Dinnerware, Decorations.  For holidays with limited items, all items will be listed in a single holiday page, like the Thanksgiving Where To Find It page.  All pages now include the year as well as the season or holiday.  Once seasonal or holiday Where To Find It pages are posted on the website, they will remain accessible until they are replaced by the next year’s season, beginning with July 4th, 2018.  Beware, however, that as time passes, fewer links to the items we’ve found may be active, or items may no longer be available.  If you found something you loved here, but can’t remember details about it, our site will give you a place to find its picture and where it was sold.

During some periods there may be multiple WHERE TO FIND IT groups.  As we move through Fall, we may add Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas groups.  As each of these occasions pass, the individual pages will be available by searching, but will not continue to be listed in the main menu for WHERE TO FIND IT.  That keeps the pages accessible, and the menu from becoming overwhelming.  Click on the word “Search” found on the bottom left of every page on the website.  It takes you to the “Search” page.  Enter the season or holiday, and page type if applicable, and it will take you to the most current version on the site.

The items that appear in these pages are those that we personally like, or have tried with a good experience.  We receive no compensation for suggesting these items.  We try to provide a broad variety of items and prices.  We don’t include prices for major retailers, but for items that are really unusual, or where prices are low enough to create great value, we occasionally include the prices published when we are creating the pages.  We do include links to the websites where we found the products, and prices can easily be found there.

Researching products for these pages is one of the most fun parts of our business.  We hope you find inspiration and have some fun with it too.