Bombay Mashed Beets Vegetarian chip dip with wine Fall
Bombay Mashed Beets Vegetarian Dip with fresh veggie dippers
Bombay Roasted Beets side dish Fall
Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bombay Vinaigrette Appetizer, served with fall ale

Bombay Vegetarian Dip Mix F

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Our Bombay Dip Mix made with a little touch of Northern India, fused with a South American chili, makes for an excellent seasoning change of pace.  For vegetarian friends, make it with cooked mashed vegetables like beets (pictured), lentils or sweet potatoes.  For an almost zero calorie presentation, serve with veggie dippers like green beans or jicama (pictured). TIP:  Use canned or frozen veggies, to save time.  Just make sure to drain well or dip will be watery.  No need to heat first.

If you really want to go all out for a vegetarian dip and have some extra time, roast or grill fresh veggies to use instead of canned, frozen or steamed.  That adds even more layers of flavor!  See “Vegetable Seasoning” below for roasting directions.  These dips make amazing fall appetizers.


Vegetable seasoning:  Kick veggies up a notch for side dishes by using our Bombay mix to season roasted or grilled veggies.  For roasting, dice vegetables into similar size chunks, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with mix.  Spread evenly in 1 layer in roasting pan & roast at 350° for 30-40 minutes, or until veggies are lightly browned and tender.  Bombay Roasted Baby Beats are pictured.  Roasted veggies are an excellent fall dinner party side dish.

Take canned vegetable side dishes from ordinary to extraordinary.  Just add a bit of the mix to your favorite canned veggie and heat. Serve veggies whole or drain and mash if you prefer.

Vinaigrette Seasoning:  Brussels sprouts seasoned just with salt and pepper and roasted are delicious tossed in Bombay Vinaigrette (pictured).  Fried Brussels sprouts also work well with the vinaigrette dressing. Either way, they make great, and unique, finger food fall party appetizers.  See RECIPES for Bombay Vinaigrette dressing directions.

Makes about 2 cups.

No artificial colors, ingredients or preservatives added.

Ingredients:  Tandoori Powder, granulated onion, aji Amarillo chili powder, lemon juice powder.

Allergen Info:  Some ingredients packaged on equipment that also packages peanuts and tree nuts.