Casablanca Spicy Ketchup Glazed Meatballs served with ale
Steamed Shrimp with Casablanca Spiced Ketchup Cocktail Sauce served with ale
Casablanca Spicy Ketchup Glazed Meatloaf Cupcakes served with ale
Sweet potatoes with Casablanca Spicy Ketchup Cocktail Sauce and craft ale
Burger sliders with Casablanca Spicy Ketchup
Casablanca Apple Butter Glazed Pork Roast served with red wine
Casablanca Apple Butter dipping sauce for Roast pork chunks, served with white wine
Pork, Cheese and Apple Butter Canapés served with IPA ale
Casablanca Chicken Apricot Cheese Ball served with ale
Casablanca Chicken Cheese Spread served with a martini

Casablanca Spicy Ketchup

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Our Casablanca Spicy Ketchup Mix reflects centuries of Moroccan cooking, but those flavors are used in a whole new way.  It's a delicious new flavor for shrimp cocktail sauce and glazing appetizer meatballs or meatloaf.

Traditional Moroccan flavors of cinnamon, cumin and cayenne used for seasoning tagines (stews cooked in clay pots called tagines) are largely unchanged from the Berbers earliest history in North Africa.   These ancient flavors combined with current American food favorites make for a great fusion.  Just combine our Casablanca Dip Mix with 2 cups of Heinz® ketchup and you have a totally unique flavor. 

Add a bit of water, juice, wine or ale to thin for Casablanca Glazed Meatballs (pictured) or a bit of lemon or lime juice for cocktail sauce for Casablanca Shrimp Cocktail (pictured).  Both are excellent appetizers, and easy to make.  See RECIPES for glazed meatballs directions.

Use this spicy ketchup for both the sauce and glaze on meatloaf.  Make “meatloaf cupcakes” for parties (pictured).  TIP:  Meatloaf cupcakes are a great party food because they can be made ahead and reheated to warm (not hot) for serving in seasonal wrappers.  Same great new meatloaf flavor but convenient to hold and eat in a party atmosphere.  And guys absolutely love these.

Use this spicy ketchup any of the ways you ordinarily use ketchup, like for dipping fries (pictured with sweet potato fries) or on burgers (sliders pictured).


Mixed with Apple Butter or Pumpkin Butter:  Mix with apple butter or pumpkin butter for amazing new flavors.  Use it as a glaze for Casablanca Glazed Pork Roast (pictured) or chicken.  It’s a spread for Casablanca Roast Pork Canapés (kick these up with a slice of white cheese, pictured), and a dipping sauce for chunks of warm or cold roast pork loin (pictured).  Both are great choices for sophisticated party appetizers.

Cheese Ball or Spread:   Use for Casablanca Chicken Cheese Ball (pictured) or Spread (pictured).  Add cooked chicken and minced dried fruit like apricots or dates to the cheese ball or spread (pictured) for a more traditional Moroccan flavor profile.  See labels for complete directions.  Your party guests will love the original flavors and ingredients.

Add a nice crunch and even more layers of flavor by serving the cheese ball, spread and chunks of pork loin with the Roasted Sweet Onion flavored Trisket® Brown Rice baked with Sweet Potato crackers. 

See CASABLANCA DIP MIX for more information.

Makes about 2 cups.

No preservatives or artificial colors added.

Ingredients:  Granulated garlic, spices, cayenne pepper, sugar.

Allergen Info:  Some ingredients packaged on equipment that also packages peanuts and tree nuts.