Chipotle Ranch Chip Dip with potato chips and seasonal summer ale
Southwestern Chicken Salad with Chipotle Ranch Dressing served with Mexican beer
Chipotle Ranch spread on Crab Cake Slider. served with white wine Summer

Chipotle Ranch Dip Mix S

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You won't believe how fresh this Chipotle Ranch Dip Mix tastes.  Puts the bottled versions to shame on chips or fresh veggies.  Smokey jalapeno spices up ranch perfectly in this Chipotle Ranch Dip Mix. Delicious whether you serve it at summer parties as a chip dip (pictured) or veggie dip.

Use prepared dip or combine mix just with mayonnaise to make a killer dipping sauce for regular and sweet potato fries.  If you are a fan of cold cracked crab with spicy cocktail sauce, try this dipping sauce for a completely updated, amazing version of the dish.  It makes a fantastic no-cook summer dinner.


Salad Dressing:  Substitute milk or buttermilk for the sour cream to make a great southwestern salad dressing (pictured).   See the CHIPOTLE RANCH DRESSING page for more delicious ways to use this dressing.

Sandwich Spread:  Use prepared dip, or combine mix with just mayonnaise.  It’s unbelievably good on crab cake sandwiches (pictured), and even fries.  This is a simple way to kick up an already well loved food, a great way to make you famous for your party food.  Make this quicker and easier by using purchased crab cakes.  TIP:  See the READY MADE page for where to purchase ready-to-serve crab cakes.  Crab cake sandwiches with our spicy spread are perfect for buffets

If you want to make your own crab cakes and need a recipe, we use a recipe based on  the original Old Bay® recipe.  It’s pretty easy, and really does taste as good as many of the finer restaurants.  See MADE FROM SCRATCH for our recipe.  McCormick now owns Old Bay.  While they still sell Old Bay seasoning by the jar, they now also sell it in packages that provide enough spice to make four crab cakes.  The recipe is on the package, and can be found online too. Here’s the link:  McCORMICK’S OLD BAY® CRAB CAKES.

TIP:  Both the Old Bay® recipe and the frozen crab cakes provide directions for baking and sautéing.  We have found that sautéing works best for both, BUT, the cakes stay together best if they are cold or frozen when they go into a pan with sizzling oil and are cooked on medium heat (about 350°).  They should be done in 4-5 minutes (2-3 on the first side and 2 when turned over).  Wait to turn them until they release themselves from the oil; they’re ready then and won’t stick or come apart.  If you’re going to bake your crab cakes, be sure to baste the top sides with oil or butter before putting them in the oven; it will help with browning on the tops.

Makes about 2 cups.

No artificial colors or preservatives added.

Ingredients:  Ranch Dressing Mix, ground chipotle chilies.

Allergen Info:  Contains milk, MSG & soy.  Some ingredients packaged on equipment that also packages peanuts and tree nuts.