Crab Lovers' Creamy Bisque with Cream Sherry decanter at the dinner table, served with white wine Summer
Crab Lovers' Creamy Bisque with white wine on the deck Summer

Crab Lovers' Creamy Bisque Mix S

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This creamy crab soup is finished with cream sherry. The sherry enhances the subtle spice flavors and the crab’s sweetness.  It’s a crab lover’s dream.

Cream of Crab soup made with our mix is based on a popular restaurant recipe and seasoned with 19 herbs and spices.  Many people say it’s the best crab soup they’ve ever had.  It would easily serve 8, if so many didn’t want seconds.  And all you have to do is add water, crab and cream sherry.  It will quickly become a favorite for family and friends because it tastes so good, and for you because it's such a quick and easy soup.  It's ready in about 10 minutes.

TIP:  Recipe calls for 1 pound of crab, but add more crab to taste.  Use a mix of claw meat and lump crab, then every bite will have some crab, and many will have good size pieces.

Be sure to provide additional sherry for those who would like a bit more in their bisque. The sherry brings out the sweetness of the crab.  Pictured with a mini wine carafe for the sherry and accompanied by a glass of good white wine.  Garnish with snipped parsley or snipped chives if desired.

Dress this soup up or down according to your needs.  Serve it in any of the fun seasonal acrylic dishes now available for summer lunch or dinner on the deck.  Make this the main dish of your party, or make it one of the hot dishes on your party buffet.  Serve in ramekins (or snack cups for easy clean up).

Pairs well with wine or ale.

Serves 8.

No preservatives, artificial colors or flavors added.

Ingredients:  Cream soup base, granulated garlic, worcestershire powder, spices, bay seasoning, minced garlic, chives

Allergens:  Contains milk, soy, sulfites.  Some ingredients packaged on equipment that also packages peanuts and tree nuts.