Caramel Apple Habanero Salsa over Blue Brie Cheese with IPA ale New Year's
Roast Pork Loin with Caramel Apple Habanero Salsa Relish
Caramel Apple Habanero Salsa made two ways, with apple ale and pumpkin ale

Habanero Salsa Mix NY

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Serve Caramel Apple Habanero Salsa drained and drizzled over blue brie cheese (pictured) or with crackers and cheddar cheese at your New Year’s Eve party.  This innovative seasonal salsa will totally showcase your culinary imagination.

It’s the newest seasonal version of our Habanero Salsa Mix.  It combines caramel sundae topping, apples, raisins, dried cherries (or Craisins®) & apple wine (or cider or apple jack) with our mix for a sweet, spicy salsa.  It's different, but equally delicious with ale (apple or pumpkin) substituted for the apple wine. It’s amazing with tortilla chips. 

And you can control the heat level.  For a milder salsa, use more fruit.  For a spicier version, use less fruit.  Most people who like spicy say it doesn’t get HOT until you’ve eaten 4-5 quick bites.  If you’ve never tasted this salsa, start with about three quarters of the fruit and half the mix package; if that’s not right for you, add fruit and/or mix until you get to the desired heat level.  You’ll be able to taste the heat immediately (the liquid carries the flavor).  It’s the rest of the flavors that need time to blend.

Serve it along side a grilled or roasted pork tenderloin (pictured) for your New Year’s Eve dinner party, or with tortilla chips (pictured) for the game on New Year’s Day made with one or more ales.

See SALSA RECIPES for this recipe.

Makes about 3-4 cups.


No artificial colors or ingredients.  No preservatives added.

Ingredients:  Powdered sugar, granulated garlic, granulated onion, chives, ground habanero pepper.

Allergen Information:  Some ingredients packaged on equipment that also packages peanuts and tree nuts.