Caramel Apple Habanero Salsa over blue brie cheese with seasonal ale Thanksgiving appetizer

Habanero Salsa Mix T

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This seasonal version of Habanero Salsa uses crisp apples, Craisins® & raisins with caramel sundae sauce and apple wine, ale or cider.  It’s different & delicious with tortilla chips and the beverage of your choice.  It’s a great way to show of your culinary imagination at your Thanksgiving dinner.    See SALSA RECIPES page for Caramel Apple Habanero Salsa directions.

Whatever version of the caramel apple salsa you choose, consider kicking it up another notch by serving it with cheese.  We like it with sliced sharp cheddar on crackers, or drizzled over blue brie (pictured).  Both combinations are absolutely amazing, particularly while watching Thanksgiving football.  It will make this a Thanksgiving appetizer to remember.

See the HABANERO SALSA product page for more delicious ways to use this mix for your Thanksgiving menu

Makes about 3-4 cups.


No artificial colors, ingredients or preservatives added.

Ingredients:  Powdered sugar, granulated garlic, granulated onion, chives, ground habanero pepper.

Allergen Information:  Some ingredients packaged on equipment that also packages peanuts and tree nuts.