Lemon Pesto Cheese Ball with crackers and white wine Summer
Lemon Pesto Chip Dip with white wine Summer
Toasted Ravioli with Lemon Pesto Dip, served with summer craft ale
Lemon Pesto Dip topping zucchini pancakes, served with rose wine
Lemon Pesto Potato Salad with ham and scallions, served with white wine
Lemon Pesto Soup with Shrimp, red peppers, yellow squash, mushrooms and noodles, served with white wine Summer

Lemon Pesto Dip Mix S

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This pesto mix is truly for garlic lovers, but it's the fresh lemon flavor that sets our Lemon Pesto Dip Mix apart and brightens flavors wherever it’s used.  Make a Lemon Pesto Cheese Ball garnished with basil leaves and serve with crackers (pictured).  It’s a beautiful, delicious summer appetizer.

WINE PAIRING TIP:  Compliment the lemon flavor with white wine like Pino Grigio (fairly neutral acidity) or contrast with red wines like Chianti, or even a soft oak aged Spanish red (both have a noticeable acidity of their own which is softened by the lemon).

Make Lemon Pesto Dip with mayonnaise and sour cream and serve as a chip dip (pictured), with fresh veggies or with baked or fried ravioli (pictured).  Also lovely topping zucchini pancakes (pictured) for a novel elevated side dish.

Add shrimp to the dip for a delightful, light new summer appetizer.


Salad Dressing:  Use it as a dressing for Lemon Pesto Potato Salad made with green onions and diced prosciutto or ham (pictured).  See SALAD RECIPES for directions for Lemon Pesto Potato Salad.  This salad is perfect for summer party buffets and casual parties.

Soup Seasoning:  This dip mix is delicious used to season soup.  Keep it vegetarian or add chicken (pictured) or shrimp. All are complimented by the bright, pesto flavor.  See SOUP RECIPES for Lemon Pesto Soup directions.  Pictured made with shrimp.

Pizza Sauce:  Combine mix with olive oil, crumbled feta and softened cream cheese.  Spread on pre-made pizza crust.  For Mediterranean Pizza with Lemon Pesto Sauce, add sliced red peppers, olives & onions and sprinkle with parmesan cheese.  Add shrimp if desired.  Bake according to crust directions, or grill in the summer.  TIP:  For individual pizzas, use naan instead of pizza crust and bake at 350° or grill until cheese is bubbly and beginning to brown, about 3-5 minutes.

Sandwich Spread:  Reinvent sandwiches like Mediterranean Veggie, tuna, chicken or Italian cold cuts using Lemon Pesto Sandwich Spread instead of mayo.  Or try this spread on a Panini with sliced turkey, salami and smoked provolone cheese.  Sandwiches have never tasted so vibrant.

Rub:  Rub the mix on pork, chicken or fish for a bright Italian flavor.  Bring this lovely new flavor to your summer backyard cookouts; guests will love it.

Glaze:  Spread prepared mix on pork, chicken or fish before baking.  If you’re grilling, wait until you have turned the meat for the last time to spread prepared mix on meat.  The result is a bright Italian flavor and juicy meat.

Other:  Combine dry mix with olive oil to dress pasta.  Dollop prepared mix on veggies before microwaving for a true flavor burst.

Any way you use it, it will truly be a party crowd pleaser!

Makes about 2 cups.

No artificial colors,  ingredients or preservatives added.

Ingredients:  Pesto mix (basil, Romano cheese, salt, spices, garlic powder), granulated garlic, lemon juice powder, lemon peel granules.

Allergen Info:  Contains milk.  Some ingredients packaged on equipment that also packages peanuts and tree nuts.