Cannoli filled with Pumpkin Mousse, garnished with chocolate sprinkles and drizzled with chocolate sauce Christmas
Pumpkin Mousse topped with whipped cream, in mini-martini glass, served with iced gingerbread cookie Christmas
Pumpkin Mousse Dip for French toast sticks Christmas
Waffle bites topped with Pumpkin Mousse Christmas
Breakfast waffle topped with Pumpkin Mousse

Pumpkin Mousse Mix C

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Pumpkin like you've never had it before.  Luscious and rich tasting, it makes a perfect cannoli filling.  Break completely with tradition and use this luscious and rich tasting pumpkin mousse to fill cannoli (pictured).  We garnished the Pumpkin Cannoli with stripes of chocolate syrup and kicked it up a bit further by dipping the open ends in chocolate sprinkles.  This is a deliciously original dessert.  It’s a quick and easy Christmas dessert with purchased cannoli shells, and will be well received whether you serve it as part of a holiday buffet or individually.  TIP:  See the READY MADE page for where to purchase ready-to-use cream puff or cannoli shells and crepés.


Instead of Pumpkin Pie:  Utterly delectable, our Pumpkin Mousse Mix takes pumpkin to a new level.  It’s a wonderful change from pumpkin pie.  Pile it into martini glasses and serve with gingersnap cookies (pictured).  Or be a bit more elegant and serve topped with whipped cream or crumbled gingersnap cookies.  Either way, it’s an excellent, light Christmas dinner dessert.

Fun Desserts:  It’s totally unique as Pumpkin Mousse Dip for French toast sticks (pictured) at Christmas brunch or for a Christmas Eve dessert.  Finish off your casual Christmas party with Pumpkin Mousse Topped Waffle Bites (pictured).  TIP:  Bake frozen French toast sticks and mini-waffles to make these dishes even more quick and easy!

Reinvent Breakfast:  This mousse is show stopping in Waffles with Pumpkin Mousse Topping (pictured). It’s also delicious in Pumpkin Mousse Topped Pancakes.  Both are great ways to make Christmas breakfast special.

However you plan to serve it, consider replacing 2-3 tablespoons of the milk with bourbon or rum.  This is a fine Southern tradition for pumpkin pies, and adds the same flare to our mousse.

Note:  Make with reduced fat cream cheese and Lite Cool Whip® for light and fluffy mousse texture

Makes about 1-1/2 quarts.  Serves 6-8, or will fill graham cracker crust for "freezer pie/no-bake cheesecake." 

No salt, preservatives or artificial colors added.

Ingredients:  Pumpkin powder, sucralose, vanilla powder, spices.

Allergen Info:  Some ingredients packaged on equipment that also packages peanuts and tree nuts.