Queen of Sheba Spicy Ketchup Glazed Meatballs with IPA ale
Queen of Sheba Spicy Ketchup Glazed Meatloaf Cupcakes for ale tasting
Steamed shrimp with Queen of Sheba Spiced Ketchup Cocktail Sauce, served with ale
Fries with Queen of Sheba Spicy Ketchup and IPA ale
Popcorn Chicken with Queen of Sheba Spicy Ketchup,servd with IPA ale
Baked Beans with Queen of Sheba Spicy Ketchup Sauce

Queen of Sheba Spicy Ketchup

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This zesty spice blend combined with ketchup takes fries, hamburgers, meatloaf, shrimp, & even purchased popcorn chicken to levels unimagined.  The totally unique taste of our Queen of Sheba Dip Mix comes from a fusion of a West African spice blend (Berbere, traditionally used to season soups) and Aleppo chili.  Just combine this dip mix with 2 cups of Heinz® ketchup and you'll have ketchup that is truly worthy of the adult pallet.

Once you've tried Queen of Sheba Glazed Meatballs (pictured here), you'll totally be hooked.  Nothing could be easier - all you do is mix cooked meatballs into the Spicy Ketchup thinned with a little water, beer or wine, and heat!  Make lots.  Guys love these as party appetizers.


Meatloaf Sauce and Glaze:  Queen of Sheba Spicy Ketchup is awesome as a sauce for meatloaf - make as Meatloaf Cupcakes and serve warm in seasonal paper baking cups (pictured).  They’re easy to hold while you nibble and great for craft beer tasting parties.  For parties, prepare these ahead of time and re-heat to warm (not hot) when ready to serve.  TIP:  For best results, wait until ready to serve to place “cupcakes” in the wrappers.

Cocktail Sauce:  Once you've eaten shrimp with Queen of Sheba Ketchup Cocktail Sauce (pictured), you'll never want to go back to regular ketchup or cocktail sauce again. This is about the quickest, easiest appetizer you could make.

With Purchased Appetizers or Snacks:  Queen of Sheba Spicy Ketchup can take purchased appetizers to a whole new level.  Think fries (pictured), popcorn shrimp (pictured), or chicken.  Also amazing with pigs in a blanket, chicken fingers and fried shrimp.

Baked Bean Seasoning:  Combine mix with ketchup and use in your favorite baked bean recipe to make Queen of Sheba Baked Beans.  In the picture, we used un-drained navy beans with some bacon crumbles thrown in.  We baked them at 350° until they were thick and bubbly.  The earthy, warm African flavors make these unlike any baked beans you’ve ever had, and just delicious.  Really a good side dish with ham.

Makes about 2 cups of spicy ketchup.

No artificial colors, ingredients or preservatives added.

Ingredients:  Granulated garlic, granulated onion, Berbere mix (ground red pepper, paprika, salt, ground ginger, garlic, spices), chives, Aleppo chili.

Allergen Info:  Some ingredients packaged on equipment that also packages peanuts and tree nuts.