Chicken Tenders and fries with Rio Grande Spicy Ketchup for dipping, served with IPA ale
Sweet potato fries with Rio Grande Spicy Ketchup and Mexican beer
Pigs in a Blanket with Rio Grande Spiced Ketchup for dipping, served with Lemon Shandy ale Summer
Steamed shrimp with Rio Grand Spiced Ketchup Cocktail Sauce, served in tasting spoon
Rio Grande Spicy Ketchup Glazed Meatballs with Mexican beer
Rio Grande Spiced Ketchup Glazed Mini Meatloaves in tasting skillets with brown ale in tastng beer glasses
Burger slider with Rio Grande Spicy Ketchup, served with Mexican beer

Rio Grande Spicy Ketchup

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This fusion of southwestern and New England flavors combined with good, thick ketchup is amazing on fries, unbelievably good as a cocktail sauce for shrimp or glaze for appetizer meatballs.  Just combine our Rio Grande Dip Mix with 2 cups of Heinz® ketchup. 

Chicken tenders and fries (pictured) are no longer kids’ food with Rio Grande Spicy Ketchup for Adults as a dipping sauce.  Great with a frosty beer.  This spicy ketchup is totally incredible with sweet potato fries (pictured) - so good you practically can't stop eating them.

With Frozen Snacks and Appetizers:  These may be a last ditch offering for unexpected company or a staple favorite when you’re in a hurry.  Either way, you’ll really elevate these frozen time savers like pigs in a blanket, popcorn shrimp or chicken fries from boring to semi-gourmet with this southwestern Spicy Ketchup.


Cocktail Sauce:  Take shrimp to a whole new level with this Rio Grande Cocktail Sauce (pictured).  It will be the hit appetizer of any party.

Meatball Glaze:  Thin Spicy Ketchup with a little apple or orange juice, beer or wine; thaw meatballs if frozen, combine sauce with meatballs, heat and serve.  Rio Grande Glazed Meatballs (pictured) are a “guy favorite” appetizer and will go fast, so make lots for your party.

TIP:  the whole process from thawing meatballs to serving using a microwave takes about 5 minutes.  Transfer to a crock pot to keep warm.

Meatloaf Sauce & Glaze:  This Spicy Ketchup is amazing mixed into meatloaf and slathered on top.  Bite sized Rio Grande Meatloaves served in mini skillets (pictured) are perfect party appetizer with seasonal ales.

On Hamburgers:  And don’t forget hamburgers.  Use just like you would regular ketchup, but know Rio Grande Ketchup takes hamburgers to a whole new level (Rio Grande Slider pictured).

You'll be hailed as a culinary genius, but only you will know how quick and easy these dishes are.

Makes about 2 cups.

No artificial colors, ingredients  or preservatives added.

Ingredients:  Granulated garlic, dehydrated maple syrup, granulated onion, ground chipotle pepper, orange juice powder, spices, hickory smoke powder (barley malt flour, natural hickory smoke flavor).

Allergen Info:  Contains barley malt flour (gluten) and sulfites.  Some ingredients packaged on equipment that also packages peanuts and tree nuts.