Tossed Turkey Salad with apricots, red onions and Sweet Ginger Apricot Dressing, served with white wine
Chicken Salad with apricots, red onions and Sweet Ginger Apricot Dressing on bibb lettuce, served with white wine
Sweet Ginge Chicken and Apricot Salad Sandwich on French bread, served with chips and ice tea
Chicken Salad Sandwich with cherries, green onions and Sweet Ginger Cherry Dressing on croissant, served with chips and white wine
Scoops filled with Sweet Ginger Cherry Chicken Salad, party appetizer served with white wine
Chicken Salad with Craisins®, green onions and Sweet Ginger Cranberry Dressing, served on bibb lettuce with blush wine
Chicken Salad Sandwich with Craisins®, green onions, Sweet Ginger Cranberry Dressing on sourdough bread, served with ale

Sweet Ginger Dressing Mix

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Our Sweet Ginger Dressing Mix makes an absolutely stunning pourable creamy dressing for dinner parties.  It’s mixed with mayonnaise, fruit preserves and buttermilk.  The fruit preserves reinforce the flavor of whatever fruit is chosen for the salad.  Absolutely amazing on field green salads with chicken, (salmon or smoked turkey too), red onion rings and dried, canned, frozen or fresh fruit (apricots, cherries, strawberries or whatever is in season or in your pantry).  Sweet Ginger Turkey and Apricot Green Salad is pictured (rehydrated dried apricots used in salad, apricot preserves used in dressing).

TIP:  Save time by using chopped deli smoked turkey (used in pictures).


On a Base of Lettuce:  Substitute extra mayonnaise for buttermilk to make incredible chicken salads.  Match the preserves you mix into the dressing to the fruit in the salad.  This gives you the most versatile options and delicious dishes ever.  Sweet Ginger Chicken & Apricot Salad mounded on butter lettuce is pictured.

Sandwich Filling:  Use any of the salads as sandwich filling.  Sweet Ginger Chicken & Apricot Salad is pictured on French bread.  Sweet Ginger Chicken & Cherry Salad (dressing made with cherry preserves for a double hit of cherries) is pictured in a croissant.  Or pile filling into phyllo shells or tortilla "scoops" for Sweet Ginger Chicken & Cherry Canapès (pictured). 

TIP:  Kick the sandwiches up a notch with a good dab of Dijon mustard – just delicious!

Recipes for Leftovers:  Use any of the above recipes for leftover turkey with apricots or peaches, and leftover ham with cherries or pineapple.  TIP:  If you can’t find pineapple preserves, use pineapple sundae topping to taste.

Celebrate Cranberries:  We’ve created a new salad to celebrate cranberry season, but there’s no reason not to enjoy this combination year round.  We’ve used chicken, Crasins® and scallions for our salad ingredients. We used cranberry sauce (instead of preserves) in the dressing.  The result is a delightful, beautiful dressing that can be mixed with mayo & buttermilk to dress a tossed salad, or mayo only to serve either chicken salad mounded on a bed of lettuce (pictured) or as a sandwich filling (pictured). 

The salads, sandwiches and appetizers are quick and easy to prepare.  They’re delicious, and they offer a totally new flavor profile for hungry party guests.  Keep it healthy by using Polinar® Sugar Free with Fiber Preserves or Smuckers® Sugar-Free Preserves with Splenda® (apricot preserves used in photo of green salad).  These dishes are also delicious with smoked turkey or leftover turkey instead of chicken.

Makes about 2 cups.

No artificial colors or preservatives added.

Ingredients:  Buttermilk ranch dressing mix, French’s Dijon mustard, spices.

Allergen info:  Contains milk, MSG, soy.  Some ingredients packaged on equipment that also packages peanuts and tree nuts.