Ambrosia with Mandarin orange slices, strawberries, coconut, marshmallows and White Chocolate Banana Sour Cream Dressing Fall
Breakfast waffle with White Chocolate Banana Mousse, garnished with fresh strawberries
French toast bites with White Chocolate Banana Mousse Dip

White Chocolate Banana Dressing Mix F

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Our White Chocolate Banana Mousse Mix is made with Ghiradelli® white chocolate.  It tastes like the best banana cream pie you ever had, with white chocolate mixed in.  But it's way more than just a mousse mix.  Update the family ambrosia recipe by adding this mix to sour cream.  The White Chocolate Banana Ambrosia pictured is made of pineapple, mandarin oranges, strawberries & coconut - the white chocolate banana sour cream dressing takes this dish to a whole new level.  It’s a lovely, colorful side and compliments most any fall main dish.


Waffle Topping: Update waffles by topping with our White Chocolate Banana Mousse (pictured).  It’s way better than plain whipped cream.  Add a few fresh strawberries – they’ll really take the dish over the top for breakfast or brunch.

Fun Dip:  French toast bites dipped in White Chocolate Banana Mousse (pictured) are great fun for an easy fall dessert.  Or use the mousse to top waffle bites.  They are both delicious and also make a beautiful dessert for casual parties or brunch.

Makes about 2 cups.

No preservatives added.

Ingredients:  Sweet ground white chocolate flavor mix, natural flavors, vanilla powder.

Allergy information:  Contains milk & soy.  Some ingredients packaged on equipment that also packages peanuts and tree nuts.