Halloween White Chocolate Banana Mousse filled cannoli

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Our White Chocolate Banana Mousse Mix is made with Ghiradelli® white chocolate.  It tastes like the best banana cream pie you ever had, with white chocolate mixed in.  But the mousse is fluffy, so it makes an amazing cannoli filling.    We’ve dotted the open ends of the cannoli in the picture with pumpkin shaped sprinkles in honor of the season.  Cannoli are great Halloween desserts because they’re basically finger food.  Serve it on a plate with a fork, or napkin.  It’s up to your guests to eat this dessert however they want.  Keep preparation simple; see READY MADE to find where to buy ready-to-fill cannoli shells. Three great reasons to choose White Chocolate Banana Cannoli for your Halloween dessert.

This mix tastes so much like banana cream pie that we used it to make a white chocolate banana cream pie the easy way, in individual ramekins (pictured).  We used vanilla wafers for the crust, layered bananas on the bottom, then added the mousse & garnished with a few more banana slices.  Made in medium size ramekins this will serve about 8-9.  For larger groups, use shot glasses.  These are great for Halloween party desserts.

Make it a really simple dessert for your Halloween party; call it White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie Dip and serve it with vanilla wafers for dipping.

See the WHITE CHOCOLATE BANANA MOUSSE product page for more wonderful ways to use this mousse for Halloween entertaining.

Note:  Make with reduced fat cream cheese and Lite Cool Whip® for light and fluffy mousse texture

Makes about 1-1/2 quarts.  Serves 6-8, or will fill graham cracker crust for "freezer pie/no-bake cheesecake."


No preservatives added.

Ingredients:  Sweet ground white chocolate flavor mix, natural flavors, vanilla powder.

Allergy information:  Contains milk & soy.  Some ingredients packaged on equipment that also packages peanuts and tree nuts.